In the previous blog, CloudVandana has given a brief description of the landing page and its variation. The main target of creating a landing page is to increase the conversion rate. If the marketers are looking for an effective lead conversion strategy, landing pages are definitely the best solution. 

A landing page can drive traffic effectively, improving the SEO and building the brand. It also takes an important part in an effective pay-per-click campaign. As per the survey, 68% of B2B businesses use landing pages to generate leads for future conversion, and approximately 44% of clicks are directed toward the home page. Landing pages takes a very important part in enhancing the business. But there is a misconception that landing pages are tough to maintain. But following a few strategies can make the steps easier. In this blog, CloudVandana will discuss the importance of using a landing page and the qualities a landing page should have. 

Qualities Of A Proper Landing Page

The main thing to remember is that a landing page is different from the company homepage. Organizations send prospective customers to a page that will inform them about some special offer, or an introduction of a newly launched product. A proper landing page holds the capability to attract customers for a long period of time and leads them to conversion. 

1. They concentrate on the offer, not the company 

The targeted customers are clicking on the landing page link by getting attracted by the offering, so there should not be any introduction or information about the company. The offering of the landing page should be offered centric so that the interest of the customers gets increased and they can move towards the conversion through the sales funnel. The landing page should act as an extension of the brand. 

2. Landing page should be focused and distraction-free

A lead generation landing page is generally intended to collect leads. These pages are very versatile and used in the middle of the sales funnel, where customers are interested in the offerings and evaluating them.  From this point, they can move downwards of the sales funnel and convert to customers or can walk away from this point. On the lead generation landing page, the request and the reward should be well balanced. Whatever the marketer is offering or promoting must be worth asking the details of the customers. 

3. Informative and proper content

The content of a landing page should be proper and informative. If people get to know the details of a product or offering in detail or do watch a demo, they can take the decision of purchasing quickly and moves towards the conversion. 

4. Customized campaigns

Marketers can segment the customer base and customize the content as per the segmented group. Through this strategy, customers or visitors can experience a personalized way of the offering, so they get more interested in the product. This way, marketers can nurture the leads in a more effective way and can increase the conversion rate.

5. Proper information about the leads

Leads can be converted into customers if marketers can collect some basic information about them. The basic data requires the name and address of the visitor and the region where they are based. This will help the marketers to provide a personalized approach and the leads will be surely convinced by the approach. It will also help in creating a long-term relationship with the customers. 

6. A connection with the home page

The landing page should be somehow connected to the company home page because without the connection the marketing efforts will do nothing to benefit the business. 

8. Allow users to access the other marketing channels

On the final step, after the purchase or accepting the offerings, marketers can provide links to other marketing channels or other products so that the customer can have a look into the link and becomes more interested in that particular product or brand which creates a huge impact on the future purchase from that customer. Marketers can offer the subscription form of their newsletter so that they can send all the notifications to the customers.

9. Thank You note

The landing page should always be followed by a thank you note. A thank you note is always very polite as well as it assures the customers that they have successfully completed the process. 

So these are the main features a landing page should have. Have you checked out the new landing page of our unique product CV Files? Please have a look and share your experience in the comment section below. Thank You.

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