Email marketing is a must-have for SEO Strategy. Any marketer can use the email list to boost the ranking in search engines with the right techniques. A proper way of email marketing drives more traffic to the website, and most importantly, increases on-site conversions. 

Following are a few email marketing tips By CloudVandana that can be applied to boost SEO results.

1.CTAs, Social Share Buttons, and Review Forms

If an email receiver does nothing after receiving an email, it can be defined that the email did a poor job or the campaign is not successful. Any piece of marketing needs a CTA button to make the campaign successful.  This can be as simple as requesting the subscribers to click on a link to a video on a blog or to download the new ebook. Another important button for an email campaign is to add social share buttons, like “Share the link with your friends”. This is a great way to attach social media to the SEO and email marketing strategy, as it drives brand recognition,  engagement, and traffic. An organization should have business pages on social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter. If a loyal subscriber promotes any content on those networks, it can help to increase the number of followers on those networks. This will drive organic engagement, which can boost SEO. Lastly, review forms can be used to gather testimonials from happy customers.

2. Personalized Email Content

Creating personalized email content can engage more customers than selecting the same content for all.  This personalization can help in email open rates(CTR), and even conversions. A marketer or an organization can separate or segment the list of the audience. So it will be easy for the marketer to provide content according to their age group and interest. Then, the marketer can share the content via a blog, and the link in the email.

3. Relevant Content

Content Marketing is one of the best ways to boost traffic to the site.  Along with the new content, if a marketer can use the old yet relevant content for a particular email list segment, it will definitely draw more traffic. The email subscriber base is always increasing day by day. So a marketer can point them to old useful content which they have missed. To make it more active, CTAs and the social media share button should be there.

In addition, to reduce the email bounce rate, the addresses need to be verified well and eliminate the address with previous bounce records from the list. An email verifying tool gives real-time email verification and can reduce bounce rates.

4. Mobile-Friendly Emails and Website

Today, maximum users use their mobile phones as the primary device to access the internet. So if an email is not optimized for mobile screens, the engagement rate will be decreased. Similarly, if emails are optimized but the website is not mobile-friendly, a higher bounce rate will be coming up. As a result, it will hurt the SEO ranking. To make the emails optimized for the mobile, the content has to be short and to the point, the marketer has to ensure the quick loading speed.

5. Request Subscribers For Social Shares

There is a great connection between social media sharing and SEO. If a marketer requests the subscribers to share content or a link to the newsletter, it will drive more traffic. More viewers will be attracted to the particular link or a large number of audiences will be eager to the content or a post even they are not subscribers. By improving the personalization process of the email and improving the quality of the content, a marketer can achieve the desired ranking in SEO.

6. Tracking Using UTM Parameters

It is hard to determine the effectiveness of the personalized email campaign if they are not tracked properly. Implement UTM parameters into every email can do this job. This makes it possible to track important campaign data such as email open rates, CTRs, conversion, and site traffic. Split test (A/B Testing) is another way to check open rates and CTRs for particular content.

Another important way to encourage customers for long-stay is to add links to other blogs and pages on the site that is relevant and increase the interest of the audience.

Thus, traffic and engagement help in improving SEO.

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