A document generation App in Salesforce allows the user to generate rich format documents by using Salesforce data for creating PDF or HTML documents based on templates. Companies across the world are using this native document generation app for their business enhancement. In this article, CloudVandana is discussing the 7 ways to use document generation. 

1. Sales Proposals

Business proposals smoothen the way of opportunities but the time and related to this are high. To make the process easy, uploaded proposals templates can be used to close deals faster than before. With a click, those blue tags will convert into Salesforce data. It will save time as well as costs and can make a huge impact on the sales process. 

2. Event Invitations

To create lots of customized invitations first, Salesforce provides a brilliant process. Marketers just upload their invitation PDFs to Salesforce and tag them with fields like company details and then mass-generate invitations for all contacts at once. 

3. Timesheets

Organizations are using Documents and e-signature to calculate the stand-in workforce for temporary staffing. Throughout the week, the timesheets are created and at the end of the week, the timesheets are auto-generated for payroll and stored for record purposes. 

4. Audit Reports

Compliance officers need to do a lot of paperwork. Document generation helps them to turn the paperwork load into a seamless digital experience. 

5. Product Engineering 

Manufacturers need to document all product changes and enlistment as well as notify all customers about the products. This process can be totally automated with document generation. If the product change is logged in Salesforce, a document with information about the change can be triggered to email itself to all existing customers and prospects. 

6. Access Logs

Through the access logs, monitor login history becomes easy. Salesforce document generation lets the user create custom access logs with a button click. 

7. Attestations

Every company should have the ability to serve responsibility. Document generation and e-signature can be the key to maintaining a responsible acquisition process. Procurement managers can click a button from a vendor account that sends a responsible procurement attestation document for the vendor to fill out and sign.

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