Google data studio is an online tool for converting data into customizable informative reports and dashboards introduced by Google. Data and analytics have an essential role in marketing. Data helps in various aspects of a business. That is why Google Data Studio is a crucial program that every marketer should know. 

Google Data Studio is a free business intelligence tool from Google. Marketers can use this tool to create centralized reports from different data sources across the web. This business intelligence tool creates visually appealing and interactive reports and dashboards. The dashboards are fully customizable and easy to share, making Google Data Studio an essential tool for marketers. 

Google data studio helps marketers to achieve their goals. In addition, this data-driven platform reduces the risk of failure. In this blog, CloudVandana gives an overview of Google Data Studio. 

The Role Of Google Data Studio

Organizations receive massive data from CRM, social media analytics, Google Analytics, and many other places. But separating these data can be a time taking process if it is done manually. To run a data-driven marketing campaign effectively, data needs to be clearly shown. This is where a marketer needs Google Data Studio. 

With the help of essential data provided by Google Data Studio dashboards, marketers can answer specific questions about the business or campaigns. So it becomes easier to take the required action. 

Features Of Google Data Studio

Let’s have a look at the features of Google Data Studio –

User-Friendly Dashboards

Google Data Studio’s dashboard is user-friendly and designed similarly to Google Drive. So, users familiar with the interface of Google Drive can efficiently operate this dashboard. 

Multiple Data Sources

Google data studio allows marketers to connect multiple data sources. This platform enables users to access the data through 510 connectors, including 18 from Google’s media suite and the rest from third parties. This single integrated platform helps marketers to get a holistic view of the business. 

Active Data Visualization

Google Data Studio helps marketers to visualize the data through reports and dashboards. Marketers can turn the numbers into graphs, tables, maps, and any other visual aid as per the requirements.  Data visualization makes data more accessible. 

Data Transformation

Google Data Studio transforms raw data into meaningful business intelligence. This is possible through a feature called ‘Explorer.’ This allows users to work with data, add dimensions, and apply custom formulas. So the data quickly transform into actionable insights. 

Effortless Data Sharing And Collaboration

The real-time collaboration of Google Data Studio enables marketers to view or edit the dashboards. Google Data Studio saves all the changes automatically and keeps all the history. In addition, users can share the reports with any team members or clients for easy access to those reports. 

Ready Templates

To speed up the report creation process, marketers can use the pre-built templates offered by Google Data Studio. This feature saves time and enhances the work process. 

Benefits Of Using Google Data Studio

Let’s have a look at the three main benefits of Google Data Studio for marketers. 

1. Better Relationship With Prospects And Customers

Marketers spend long hours finding out the right audience for their business. This process requires various data collection. Google Data Studio smartly converts those data into meaningful information. It is an effective tool that gives insights into customers’ behavior, preferences, goals, and pain points. So it becomes easy for the Sales and Marketing team to understand the buyer’s personas. As a result, the conversion rate increases.

2. Analyze The Content Marketing Performance 

Content marketing is a great way to reach the target audience, provide them with basic knowledge, and convert them into customers. But to get the desired results, marketers need to analyze the content marketing performance, which is a challenging task for many marketers. Google Data Studio solves this problem effectively. This platform can create reports with the data-driven from Google Analytics.  These reports help marketers to measure campaign performance.

3. Social Media Sharing

Marketers can use Google Data Studio to share their expertise on social media platforms. People love to see results. Marketers can create a beautiful report with the help of Google Data Studio is an effective way to showcase the results over social media and draw new customers and outshine the competitors. 

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