Front-end web development is the development of the graphical user interface of a website through HTML, CSS, and JavaScript so that users can interact with the website. 

Today, in this blog, CloudVandana will discuss the overview of front-end development. Various segments of web pages were introduced in the early 2000s. But the information was haphazardly organized. Finally, website layouts improved dramatically with the sharp rise in user-centered design methods and best practices in HTML, CSS, and other front-end development frameworks. 

The front end of a website includes all facts and external elements that the users interact with. To access the dropdown menus, use adjustable sliders, or scroll through sections of the websites, front-end web development is performed every time for all related factors. 

Presently, billions of websites are providing their best at designing and engineering beautified front-end UI experiences. So, a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript have established themselves as staple design languages in the front-end development sector. 

Front-end developers provide a multi-layered approach of markup and programming framework while creating the front-end architecture for a seamless user experience. 

Development Of Front End Web Project

The development integrates several criteria, including user accessibility, navigation, compatibility, and sleek user interfaces. Front-end developers are responsible for optimizing and tailoring attractive user interfaces. 

Front-end developers adaptively use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create the functional foundation of a sleek UI. High-performing front-end developers can progressively become familiar with other frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation, Backbone, Angular, React.Js, and Ember.Js. 

These frameworks help companies to create responsive pages and mobile-friendly applications. Moreover, front-end developers can precisely streamline this process between seamless user experience and user interface by cross-collaborating with designers and UX analysts. 

They create preliminary wireframes and prototypes to visualize final user-face features and interactive elements better. The front-end web development team does all these tasks. 

The Role Of A Front End Developer

With the increasing complexity of front-end development, the role of a front-end developer has become equally demanding. Front-end web developers are responsible for integrating critical visual elements and UI designs that enable seamless interactivity and functionality with a web app. 

Front-end developers usually collaborate with back-end developers and full-stack software engineers to streamline and coordinate server-side applications and front-end integration. Let’s have a look at the responsibilities of a front-end developer-

  • Building and deploying reusable codes, frameworks, and front-end libraries for various future applications. 
  • Developing UI and UX.
  • Evaluation and determination of the technical feasibility of UI/UX design through wireframe presentations. 
  • Web app optimization with scalability, clean navigation, and speed in mind. 
  • Collaboration with the full-stack ecosystem, work with other team members to configure UI/UX designs accordingly. 

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