Pardot Engagement Studio is Pardot’s next-generation lead nurturing tool and a true intelligence engine of the marketing automation platform. Engagement Studio lets the user build, test, and report on powerful engagement programs that let the user send targeted emails based on prospect behavior and complex qualifying values. It is designed to run automated email campaigns for various use cases. In this article, CloudVandana will discuss the best practices for Pardot Engagement Studio. 

1. Capturing Engagement With lists Vs. Tags

Setting actions in Engagement Studio to ‘add to list’ is a useful way to see engagement, and when the prospects will reach the end of the program if the user wants to take further action by identifying who is the most and least engaged prospects were and segment them into cold, warm or hot leads. 

2. Consider Before Adding Score

Users don’t always need to add actions to increase the prospect’s score. If prospects are submitting forms, or if they’re clicking on the webpage, all of these activities will already apply points to the total score. Users don’t have to reapply points in Engagement Studio, otherwise, they will begin inflating numbers, which the users do not want to do. 

3. Add Comments While Editing

If the user needs to pause and edit a program, the user can proceed to add comments. If they don’t keep track of changes they’ve made, it becomes a guessing game, and sometimes users do not need to dig deep to find out the working process and the transition. 

4. Suppression List Can Also Be A Target  List 

When the user has a program and the user is confused about which prospect should not be there, that group of people could be the recipient list of another program running. 

5. Complex Rules Should Be Used

Users can take segmentation further by adding more criteria to rule steps. This scales down prospects, creating more targeted sends and actions. In addition, users should reduce the number of rule steps they need in Engagement programs. 

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Salesforce objects are database tables that permit the admins to store the data specific to an organization. For every organization, the main important element is customer data. Maintaining the customer database is the main challenging part of every organization. As customers are the backbone of every industry, providing them with the best solution is the main focus area of every organization. So it is almost impossible to handle and manage the large volumes of customer data by the sales team using the old methods. 

Salesforce CRM is the most effective CRM platform that can solve these problems. It provides the clients with a high degree of automation and efficiency in operating customer databases. Salesforce marketing cloud and Salesforce sales cloud provide the end to end solutions to the organization’s marketing activity. Salesforce reduces the time and manual efforts by putting all the things on automation so that they can concentrate on the other productive works. Salesforce Developers, Consultants, and other operators should be well trained to complete all the processes in a seamless way. 

Salesforce objects are considered the building blocks of the Salesforce CRM platform. They are mainly the digital data tablets containing important data and information of a business organization. Salesforce objects can be compared to different tablets of an Excel document containing clear rows and columns. Data is stored in the form of relational tablets in different Salesforce objects. So Salesforce objects are nothing but virtual tablets that stores specific data to different business organizations.

Salesforce objects can be segmented into two categories. Standard objects and custom objects. Recently, certain developers have added a new segment of Salesforce object, which is called External object. 

Standard Salesforce Objects

Standard Salesforce Objects are created for the concerned project. These are pre-installed in Salesforce CRM and suitable for various environments. Users just need to check if the standard object is logged into the platform. There is no complicated programming or coding required to use a standard object in Salesforce. But it is always advisable to hire a Salesforce professional to complete the task. The major standard Salesforce Objects are-

  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Opportunity
  • Case
  • Solution 
  • Forecast
  • Document
  • Folders
  • Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Activity
  • Product
  • Orders
  • Campaign
  • Lead

From the long list mentioned above, CloudVandana will describe the four main objects.


Lead is the most important element for conducting sales and generating revenues for organizations. If driving sales is considered the primary aim of a business, generating and managing leads is the most important activity for the sales team. Salesforce object covers all the leads generated and managed by the sales team. After the conversion of a lead, other things like contacts, accounts, opportunities, etc, can be created.


After the conversion, the next focus area is on accounts. This is a standard Salesforce object that consists of all the firms that a user maintains the relationship with. Salesforce object also consists of individual customers that a company deals with on a regular basis. The account fields such as the name of the account, the industry, and the type of business should be looked into while managing the object of account using Salesforce CRM. 


This is the standard Salesforce object consisting of individual people for specific accounts. For example, if someone has a business enterprise as an account, the company as a whole will belong to the account object, and each employee of the organization would belong to the contact object. 


The object of the opportunity contains all the events that have the potential to convert leads, close deals faster, and gather revenue for the business. The object also contains certain pending deals that can convert if the opportunity is duly taped by the sales team.

 Custom Salesforce objects 

Custom Salesforce objects are highly influential in the process of developing applications as they are highly customizable and offer developers a format that smoothens data sharing. Some important elements of custom objects are-

  • Page Layout
  • Custom Fields
  • Object Relationships
  • Custom User Interface Tab

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Leads are the backbone of every business or organization. Marketers need to take a proper strategy to generate more leads for their business. They need to identify the target market first, then market the brand in an effective way and finally create relevant and interesting content to attract the target audiences. Marketers should try to adapt the strategy which will best suit the customers’ expectations. 

In this competitive digital world, outdated content or outdated strategies like cold calling and paying for leads can’t help marketers to reach their target. They need solid, proven techniques to draw more leads.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is a simple process to generate new potential customers for the business. The lead generation process can be divided into two parts. 

On the first step, marketers need to draw traffic to the website through various marketing channels. Then marketing and the sales team need to convince these visitors and push them through the sales funnel. This process is called lead nurturing. The sales team can reach out to them by the information provided by them, and convince them to become paying customers. So retaining quality leads are very important as they increase the conversion rate. For example, a website has acquired 1000 random leads, from there only 2 prospects converted into paying customers. On the other hand, a website got 100 leads, from there 80 prospects converted into paying customers. So getting a high-quality lead is more important than getting random leads where the chances of conversion are very low. 

5 Tricks To Gain More Leads

Lead generation depends on the organizations and their niche. The trick which works the best for an organization, might not work well for a different organization. There are many ways to find new prospects. In this blog, CloudVandana is sharing the 5 most important tricks that will work for almost every type of business.  

1. A/B Testing The CTAs

A CTA or call to action is a prompt that guides someone to take a specific action. Marketers can add different CTA buttons and can track the performance of the visitors. 

The examples of effective CTA buttons are-

CTAs are the first step to bringing the visitors to the sales funnel. So it is very important to get them in the right way. Marketers might include a visual element if required. A/B testing or split testing lets the marketers compare different variations of the same CTA button to point out the differences in actions. Once the marketers can identify the most important version, they can easily generate more leads. Google Analytics is a very helpful tool to measure these performances. 

2. User Generated Content

User-generated content means the content which is generated by users. UGC can be in different forms, like a product review, testimonials, articles or posts, etc. It is a marketing tool that provides free marketing or branding. Marketers can post the review of the customers to the website to create a brand impression and encourage other prospects to complete the purchase. 

3. Free Trial Or Download For Limited Period

Marketers can offer a free trial or download to increase the trust and brand value of the products. A visitor, who is also a subscriber, might not be ready to purchase the products or offerings if the person does not get to know the product very well. A free trial is the best option to make the prospect interested in the product. If the prospects get interested in the product or offerings, they will be more likely to complete the purchase process and the process will increase the loyal following. 

4. Hosting Training Webinars

A training webinar is an opportunity to showcase the knowledge and experience. It also creates an impression on the minds of the audience that the organization is prepared to share this knowledge for free, which helps to build trust in the company. Hosting training webinars are very useful for both B2B  and B2C companies. For example, B2B companies, which focus on selling software to small businesses, might host a product demo, on the other hand, B2C companies can host webinars on the process of using the product. 

Marketers should advertise the webinar effectively. They can promote the webinar on LinkedIn or on social media channels. Marketers can create a database with the contact details of the interested parties. The webinar is a great way to introduce people to the product and the brand. 

5. Introduce An Influencer

Marketers can make a partnership with influencers or influential people to create an impact on the audience’s mind. Influential figures might include industry leaders, tech experts, social media influencers, analytics, etc. They can influence the audiences to take desired actions like downloading an app, booking a free demo, etc. So influencers are another important source of lead generation. 

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7 Things About Running a Small Business That No One Talks About

Do you dream of running your own business? For many people, having the freedom to pursue their passion and work on their own terms is an important ambition. Being able to build wealth for yourself, not someone else, and follow your own interests sounds amazing. 

But, the reality can often be different. Starting a business has lots of rewards, but also comes with its own challenges. In fact, 22.5% of small businesses fail within the first year. To help you avoid this, here are 7 things no one tells you about running a small business: 

1. Business networking is so important

Running a small business can be isolating, and it’s very important to build a strong support network. Business networking can help you find mentors and get valuable wisdom, insights, and honest feedback from other business owners. 

Networking with others in your industry can also help you find new clients and contacts. This is one of the best ways to boost business growth and get your idea off the ground. 

2. You need to be very adaptable

Even with careful planning and a clear strategy in place, launching and running a business rarely runs smoothly. There’s no set path to follow, and things can change really fast. 

Because of this, it’s important to be adaptable, willing to adjust your plans and to be prepared for a variety of unexpected situations to happen. You may need to change direction at any point with very little notice, and this is something you must be ready for. 

3. It’s long hours and hard work

If you’re starting a business to avoid the 9-5, you might not realize that running a company actually means working very long hours – often, it’s much more than a regular job. 

Although in the long-term it can be very rewarding, both in terms of increased personal freedom and having more opportunities to grow wealth, it’s important to be prepared to work hard, especially in the beginning. 

4. You need a lot of self discipline

Being a business owner requires a great deal of self-discipline – this is something lots of entrepreneurs are not expecting! It can take a while to get results, and this means working consistently for long periods without seeing immediate results. 

To help you get started, make sure you have a good routine in place, know your long-term goals, and stick to your plan, even if you don’t feel like you’re making progress straight away.

5. Outsourcing costs can build up fast

Another thing people don’t realize when starting a business is how quickly costs can accumulate. Outsourcing work is common for new business owners, especially if they have a heavy workload, don’t have strong expertise in some areas, or have types of work they don’t want to do. 

These costs can build up quickly. And, although it’s important to get professionals to help with more complex tasks, there are lots of things that aren’t as hard as they seem, and you can actually do yourself to save money. 

For example, you might choose to design your own website using Squarespace or a similar service. Or, you could do your own design work using Canva or create your own logo using a tool like LogoCreator. This isn’t as time-consuming as you might think and can save you a fortune. 

6. You need to reinvest profits

You might be looking forward to having extra cash after starting a business venture. However, most business owners find they need to reinvest their profits for a while after launching a new business

Most of the time, you need to spend money to make money! If you want your business to grow in the long term, reinvesting your profits is essential. An example would be to hire a consultant for your Salesforce like CloudVandana.

So, make sure you amend your income expectations and prepare for lower-income accordingly. 

7. You don’t need to quit your job straight away 

Lastly, when you start a business, you don’t need to quit your job straight away. Taking a big leap of faith isn’t for everyone, but you can still start your business alongside your job and quit later if it’s a success. 

By building income gradually, you still get the security of your 9-5 job whilst working towards a bigger dream. Although this means working longer hours, many people feel it’s worth it. 

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How to get a random address using a fake address generator?

In the world of digital media, you often have to use fake details for multiple reasons. It will not be good for you to share your authentic details every time over the internet. The main reason is that your privacy might be compromised and you have to face threats. There might be many other reasons available behind the selection of fake addresses.  Maybe, you just want to hide your accurate address information for security concerns. You may also want to access a website that is not available in your region or maybe it is for personal reasons. You can’t go somewhere physically to collect the post information, cell number, location, and proper address of someone else to use as a fake address. This is where a fake address generator helps you to get a fake address. These kinds of tools will help you to generate a random address that does not belong to you in reality. You can easily use that particular address or location credentials at any platform. Keep in mind that you don’t have to use this address if you are dealing with someone or a website regarding your payment authentication or any other authentic task. 

How to get a random address using a fake address generator?

Whenever you need a fake address for any purpose, do not worry at all when you can do it with a tool. There are hundreds of random address-generating tools available online. Some fake address generators are free to use and you do not need to spare a penny to get this task done. But some tools are paid and offer a little bit more exciting features as well. If you want to use any of these tools, you have to pay a subscription fee fixed by the tool owner or company. 

All of these tools are slightly different in working as every developer designed his tool with a few changes in features. You can easily use any of them without any hesitation as all of them are made for your support.

Some tools are not paid but acquire login information and email as well. But make it clear that all these tools are simple and easy to use. You can use any of them to have your fake address of the region you need at that time.

To get this your fake address, you only need to fill the available sections on your screen. There are no such restrictions and complications while dealing with any of those sections. These are just made to precise any location and other details. In simple words, you might have to get a dummy address in a specific region sometimes, so, you can utilize those boxes or sections. 

Why do we need a fake address?

There can be different reasons behind the selection of a fake address over the real one. Here are some reasons for which the fake address generators are mostly used.

For gaming purposes

Suppose you are a gamer and loves to play multiple games throughout the day. What happened if some of your favorite games are not accessible from your region? Surely, it would be a bad thing for you and you feel frustrated. This is the time when you will find a fake address generator helpful for you to play that game. Many online games are only accessible in a particular region. There could be different possibilities behind this. Maybe, those games were made inaccessible by the owner company or the government of the country has banned them. 

Gamers from all over the world use this tool to get access to their favorite games which are prohibited in their country. This tool helps them to play the games without any hurdle. 

To access websites

In every region, some websites are banned for different reasons. There could be a security reason or sometimes a webmaster wants to keep his content bound in a specific region. But being an internet surfer, you often come across these types of websites. Maybe you are searching for some material to complete your thesis, trying to download a movie, or need to see a website design. You click on a link and it says this website is not accessible in your country. Now what you feel first is a little bit of worry about missing the content available on that website. A fake address generator tool allows you to get access to these websites so that your task would not be delayed. By having a random address, you can be able to open this link and see the content available on it.

The fake address generator is hugely used in the web development industry for different purposes as well. Writers, developers, and webmasters use fake addresses so they can get access to particular websites to have an idea and collect some data.

To get a trial of any paid tool

Online Tools have made our life effortless. There are many tasks to do that are impossible for a man to do in a short time but online tools make it happen in a matter of seconds. This is why we are surrounded by online helpful tools and it looks impossible for us to do some tasks individually by ourselves.

Things get tricky when you search for the best tool that can solve your problems in seconds with the label “Paid”. The additional disappointment is when you see that the development company is not giving a free trial in your country. To get a free trial of different tools, people use fake addresses suggested by the fake address generator tools.

In this way, they can get a trail of different tools, apps, and games for some days to check whether it is beneficial and interesting or not. This is also one of the biggest uses of fake address generators.


This is not necessary that you only need a fake address for scamming or unethical activity. There can be different possibilities when you are in a need of having a fake address to get work done quickly.  A fake address generator can be used to get a random address of any country where you can’t go currently. 

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Google Trends is a platform offered by Google that analyzes the popularity of top search queries in Google Search across various regions and languages. Marketers need to track the trending ideas continuously for the enhancement of marketing efforts. So Google Trends gives constant support to the marketers to figure out the popular trending topics over the internet. This tool identifies the current and existing trends in search marketing. Marketers can choose any topic relevant to their niche and put them in the marketing strategies. 

In this article, CloudVandana will help the marketers to understand the functionality of Google Trends and the way it can boost the marketing efforts. 

Google Trends

Google Trends is an important tool offered by Google that helps marketers to identify trending topics across various industries. It actually helps both marketers and journalists. Google trends show the trending topics and marketers can draw the attention of the visitors using those topics. It is always a good idea to use these topics for the creation of content. Though there are millions of content ideas for a marketer to choose from, Google Trends tells the visitors about the most popular trending topic in a specific way. Marketers can insert any topic to know if the topic is trending or not in the search bar. 

Google Trends For Marketing

Even if a person is not involved in the content creation, can use Google Trends regularly. People want to read the topics that interest them. So marketers, bloggers, or SEO, should be found such topics that will create interest among the visitors. Most marketers become so focused that they sometimes forget about the topics that interest them. The tool tells the marketers the popularity of a specific search phrase, so it becomes easier for them to decide if the topic is worth creating content or not. Marketers should keep in mind that all the trending topics might not be relevant to their industry. So they should choose phrases that are only related to their niche. Google Trends assist in the visual content as well that has many SEO-related benefits. If marketers are searching for image ideas that can boost the social media campaign or enhance the blog post, Google Trends can help the marketers to make the decision.

The following four points will describe the uses of Google Trends in marketing.

1. Helps In Improving SEO

Google Trends helps in organic search and keyword research. The tool also provides years’ worth of data to help marketers identify evergreen topics. So they can put their time and effort into those topics. If a keyword is popular for the last 5-6 years, then marketers or content creators can use those topics in a new way to boost their SEO. 

2. Helps In Content Creation

Google Trends provides new and interesting topics to write about. It is very challenging for marketers to choose the topics for content creation that will attract audiences and will rank higher in search engines like Google. As the marketers get to know the trending topics, they can create exciting content for better website traffic

3. Ideas For Webinars

Marketers need to reach out to the right people at the right time through webinars. Google Trends help them to do that. Marketers need market research before planning for a webinar. If an organization is planning to host a free webinar, they will definitely plan to use the currently trending topics in social media campaigns and PPC (pay-per-click) campaign to get the people’s attention on the webinar. They also need to know the keyword search that customers are using for their queries. Google Trends assist them in aspect for a successful webinar and other campaigns. 

4. Helps To Find Long Tail Keywords For Paid Campaigns

The marketers can start capitalizing on paid ads only after finding the right keywords. So finding the right keywords for the paid campaign is very important. Long-tail keywords help a lot for any campaign. Google Trends helps to find the trending keywords. So if the marketers add a long tail to that keyword, they can target a large number of audiences to serve their offerings. For example, peach is a trending fruit for winter. Google Trends can assist us by proving the keyword. Now, a fruit-selling business owner can add “organic peach for weight balance” or, “ organic peach for better eyesight”, to attract more web traffic and can move towards the conversion. So Google Trends assures the marketers so that they do not need to take any chances for their marketing.

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