Staff Augmentation is an outsourcing model that helps organizations hire IT, professionals, globally and directly manage the augmented team. Organizations can adopt this hiring process to focus on projects depending on the size of the organization and the project requirements. In addition, it is a scalable solution so organizations can scale the services based on their needs.

In this blog, CloudVandana will discuss the scalable features of Staff Augmentation. This model focuses on staffing a project according to the objectives and requirements. It provides an opportunity for IT organizations to get qualified and experienced professionals. So it saves a lot of time and money. 

This is an essential solution for organizations of every size to stay one step ahead of their competitors. In addition, the remote work process has introduced a new technical era as organizations are adopting this process over in-house developers for organizational enhancement.

Staff Augmentation is the practice of hiring outside experts and specialists temporarily as an extended team. The model fills all the gaps in the project’s present business objectives. Organizations can choose developers based on their skills. 

It is a strategy to hire remote developers as an extended team to scale the organization. Companies can select the talents that fit the requirements and help the organization’s development on time. Organizations can hire them on a temporary or long-term basis. It accelerates organizational growth without investing time in the traditional hiring and onboarding process.

Augmented staff can start immediately, and after the deployment of the project, organizations can discontinue the contract with the augmentation firm. This process helps them save the economic resources that they had to pay for the in-house resources even after completing the project work. 

Let’s have a look at the situations when organizations opt for the Staff Augmentation process-

1. When companies need to boost the strength of their IT resources, but the in-house resources fail to fulfill the needs, organizations go for this hiring model. The augmented staff can take the responsibilities immediately without wasting time and interrupting the workflow. So it helps to enhance the business. 

2. This remote hiring model works as a bridge between the talent gaps. Organizations can contract with the staff augmentation firm for outsourced resources or teams for specific project needs. 

3. A Staff augmentation firm like CloudVandana can provide the best resources with specialized skills for specific project needs. As a result, the whole project or product deployment can be done faster with the proper expertise. 

The Stages Of Staff Augmentation Model

This hiring model generally includes three steps.-

1. Spotting The Skill Gap

At this stage, organizations spot the skill gap for their ongoing project and go for staff augmentation services on a contract basis without investing additional time and money searching for another in-house developer. In addition, organizations can set a specific period depending on the size of the project. 

2. Quick Onboarding 

After hiring the remote team of developers, the onboarding process is to 

familiarize them with the in-house team. This process is different from the traditional onboarding process, so the whole process happens quickly, and developers can start the project works immediately.

3. Nurturing

 A continuous learning and development process starts in this phase with the newly hired augmented staff to deliver the expected outcome within the specific period. 


Organizations globally accept the Staff Augmentation model. Most organizations prefer to select staff augmentation companies like CloudVandana for outsourcing. It provides reliability, commitment, availability on-demand, and quality to the companies to complete their projects. So, why are you waiting for? Take a free consultation call with CloudVandana, one of the renowned Staff Augmentation firms in India, and hire the best team of developers for your ongoing or upcoming projects. 

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