React JS Developers are front-end developers who build modern UI components to improve application performance. They have excellent knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, and they work closely with testers, designers, web designers, and managers to create a robust applications. 

React Js is a very popular framework, and it is gaining daily popularity. So finding the right developers for any React project is essential. 

In this blog, CloudVandana will describe how a company can hire React Js developers for business enhancements. Organizations should look for experts with proper skillsets and technical expertise. 

Before a detailed description, let’s look at the primary responsibilities of a ReactJs developer

Responsibilities Of A react Developer

Expert developers can create the UI components utilizing the React toolkit and build quality UI code for mock designs and wireframes. They can check the code continuously to increase the app performance, and they can seamlessly handle the app’s state and functional libraries to create API calls. Organizations look for developers who can undergo the QA process, including end-to-end testing, unit testing, and integration. 

Skills Required While Hiring React JS  Developers

JavaScript And EcmaScript

React JS developers should know JS features, functions, and syntax. They should have experience in DOM, JavaScript Scopes, Event bubbling, and hoisting. An understanding of the Ecma script is also essential for creating React applications. 

Technical Expertise

Developers should have a good technical understanding of JSON, Advanced HTML, and Rest API. They should use the core components of React, like JSX, Component Lifecycle, class, functional components, etc. The developers should be familiar with Zoho, Jira, etc. 

Frameworks And Testing Tools

The developers should have expertise with the unit testing frameworks and technologies like Sinon, Tape, Jest, Mocha, etc. In addition, they should have a good understanding of end-to-end testing tools like Cypress, Cucumber Js, Nightwatch Js, and many more. Good knowledge of React frameworks and Libraries would be an advantage. 

Various Technologies

Developers should have a good command of multiple technologies and know the techniques to manage several development requests.

JS Build Tools

React developers should be well-versed in various JS tools, React developer tools, and Redux Dev Tools. They should have experience in React Library and dealing with the new build tools like Webpack, Yarn, etc. 

React JS Workflows

ReactJS developers can easily manage projects and prioritize state management for app performance optimization. They must know about popular libraries and structures of Context API, React Native, Redux, etc. 

Flexible Learning Curve

It is one of the finest libraries for web development that has undergone various changes and progresses. So the developers must be able to learn technology updates and changes. 

How To Hire A Skilled React Developers?

Finding the best React Developers to handle your projects can sometimes be challenging. Organizations need to consider a few essential factors before choosing the best one. 

1. Set Goals

Organizations should decide the project’s needs and requirements first. They should discuss the needs with the developers. They should decide if the in-house developers can manage the tasks or if they need to hire remote developers.

2. Developer Shortlistings

Organizations should shortlist some staff augmentation companies depending on their requirements. Organizations should ensure that the company can fulfill all the requirements for faster development.

3. Discuss The Project Goals

Organizations should discuss the project goals with the staff augmentation partner to know their way of execution. These discussions can be held through virtual meetings or phone calls. 

4. Analyze the Technical Skill

Companies should access the technical skills properly before hiring. This will helps them to understand if the company has enough expertise and technical knowledge to complete the project. 

5. Discuss The Time Zone Barriers

If organizations hire developers from a different time zone, they should have clarity and proper discussions about the time zone differences. It will help them to schedule meetings and other collaborative tasks seamlessly. 

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