Content Gap Analysis is a process of finding holes in the existing content. The process identifies the missing content pieces that should be aligned with the preference of the target audience. 

To stay ahead of the competition, it is essential to find and fix any content gaps that arise; otherwise, customers can shift their interests to other sites. 

In this blog, CloudVandna will discuss the details of content gaps and effective ways to fix them. 

Analyzing the existing content allows you to understand the missing valuable assets that readers search for to enter into the buying journey. A content gap analysis includes the audit of webpages, blogs, social media content, landing page, and ebooks.

Content Gaps

Content gaps are, actually, missed opportunities. So, when they can’t find the right solution on your page, they will not take the desired action and move elsewhere. Let’s discuss the ways to identify the gaps and how to fix them. 

If the content writer experiences a sudden drop in visitors, a quick content gap can focus some light on the problem. Marketers should ensure that the readers are well-engaged and the content is useful for their needs. 

Finding the content gaps can improve the site’s rank on search engines, better connect with the target audience, and reduces the bounce rate increasing the visit time of the target audience, which leads to increased conversion. 

Types Of Content Gaps

Keyword Gaps

The CTR or click-through rate is higher for long-tail keywords than one-word keywords. Long-tail keywords are effective in reaching customers faster. Short keywords are highly competitive and lead to low conversion rates; long-tail keywords actually have less competition. So the traffic goes up. So marketers should consider these points to review the keyword selection. 

Media Gaps

Media gaps refer to a lack of video or graphical content on the website. Adding video or graphical illustration help to draw more attention from the visitors. Visitors prefer watching a video or infographics more than going through an article. So marketers should not avoid using different illustrations to attract more customers for enhanced sales. 

Topic Gaps

The topic is one of the important factors when discussing content gaps. Filling topic gaps is a fast way to provide new quality content to potential customers. 

Effective Ways To Find And Fix The Content Gaps

1. Content Gap Analysis

Marketers can find various free tools to do the tasks. Once the stronger keywords are identified, marketers can feel the content gaps. Marketers can include various new keywords organically to enhance the quality of the content. They can also update old content with missing keywords to increase their SEO score and maintain their quality for the audience. 

2. Audit The Customer Journey

Marketers should dive deeper into the customer journeys to figure out the requirements of the target audience in their journey or buying process.  Audiences wait to convert into customers. There are various stages involved. So marketers should create content for each step of the journey. 

3. Self-Content Audit

Marketers can sometimes perform an audit on their own content. It is an effective practice to perform on a regular basis as it helps to identify the gaps faster. It also helps to improve future content for better results. Marketers can start updating the old reviews on the page. So, updating outdated reviews can increase the trust of the customers.

4. Use Platforms Like Google Seach Console

Marketers can use Google Search Console to eliminate content gaps. After identifying the keywords, marketers can create useful content either through a new post or by adding a new section to the existing one. 

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