Website traffic is important for every business. The more people come to visit a website, the more potential customers the brand will have. A proper marketing strategy involves increasing website traffic as well as converting the current traffic. The number of visitors to a website becomes the number of opportunities for a business. These opportunities lead to increased leads, sharing and promoting the brand value, and building long-term relationships with the customers. Building relationships and trust can ultimately sell a product or service and help to expand the business. But more traffic doesn’t just mean more conversion. Marketers need to nurture those traffic or leads in a proper way to convert them into customers. 

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Though obtaining more traffic is very important for boosting a business, marketers should focus more on converting current traffic rather than acquiring more traffic. 

How To Get Started With Converting Current Website Traffic

Marketers should consider the following points to get started with converting current traffic. 

1. Marketers should learn about the visitors’ behavior to push them through the conversion funnel. Hypotheses and tests give a better panorama of customers’ touchpoints on the webpage. 

2. Marketers should research the customers and their requirements. Instead of just the activities of the visitors on the page, marketers can develop insights on how to solve customers’ needs in multiple touchpoints. 

3. A track should be maintained of users’ behavior. 

4. Marketers should nurture the leads and provide them with the best solution as per their requirements. Marketers should know how to offer the best experience to customers and visitors. 

5. For a seamless conversion process, marketers should improve the website with proper information, a landing page, and interlinking the pages of the website to provide all the necessary information to the customers. 

6. Marketers should not invest a lot of money to increase traffic. Instead, they should invest in nurturing and providing the best solution to the prospects to convert them into customers 

7. Companies can boost revenues with more conversions. A higher rate leads to strengthening the brand and obtaining more traffic. 

To know the best impact, these rules should be followed 

  • If a website gets less than 200 conversions per month, then the marketers can focus on increasing the traffic or visitors. 
  • If a website gets more than 200 but less than 500 conversions per month, then marketers should consider starting a conversion rate optimization campaign.
  • If a website, landing page, or campaign gets more than 500 but less than 1000 conversions per month, marketers should focus on increasing the rate.  

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