Staff Augmentation is an effective outsourcing strategy that organizations across the world use. The technique evaluates the existing staff and then determines the additional required skills. 

On the other hand, the delivery team model consists of an external team of various posts, such as managers, software engineers, and testers. They lead in terms of setting up the process, the KPIs, quality, etc. 

Today, CloudVandana will discuss the fundamental differences between staff augmentation and delivery teams in this blog. 

The post-covid era has introduced new work dimensions, remote work. Software outsourcing has become one of the essential business strategies to manage new updates and achieve desired business goals. 

The software outsourcing industry came up with two important models, Staff Augmentation and Autonomous Delivery Teams, to meet all the expectations. 

Staff Augmentation

In the Staff Augmentation model, organizations can hire dedicated teams or developers on-demand from staff augmentation agencies like CloudVandana. They can fulfill the existing technical requirements of emerging technologies. The additional experts are responsible for providing their specialized expertise during the essential stages of the software development process. As a result, it saves time and money for the outsourcing company. 

Delivery Teams

A delivery team organizes a software development team. So every team member needs to deliver a product. A delivery team covers all necessary skill sets in one team. The team builds and maintains a product or software to be effective and efficient. In recent times, organizations of all sizes around the world have discovered success in organizing teams into delivery teams. A delivery team is consist of a Product Manager, Designer, Developers, and Quality Testers. 

Advantages Of Staff Augmentation

In the Staff Augmentation model, an organization can hire experienced developers who can make a real difference in the existing team’s roles and responsibilities and create an excellent client website. In addition, it eliminates the need for a group of developers to deploy any project seamlessly. 

1. Staff Augmentation is about hiring experts for specific needs of the ongoing projects. It provides the organization with the required resources without inhibiting border, race, or gender.

2. The experienced and specialized individuals are hired for specific business objectives. This model helps the business retain a lean and agile workforce. 

3. An outsourcing company is flexible as the staff augmentation model has no long-term commitment to employment.

4. Staff Augmentation model can help organizations quickly scale their teams based on the requirements and market trends.

5. Staff Augmentation allows enterprises to create correct budgets and business strategies for upcoming projects.

Advantages Of Delivery Team

1. Delivery Teams help businesses to focus on their core business as they take all the responsibility for the software development project.

2. Delivery team can help the organizations to reduce the financial risk. The whole process of software development requires a lot of time and money. So even after investing a lot, organizations sometimes fail to fulfill the needs of their clients as they fail to hire expert developers, but hiring from a reputed staff augmentation firm ensures the success of the product and after deployment maintenance procedure.

3. The model allows managers to respond to industry developments quickly. Developers can start the project immediately. Businesses can start working immediately.  

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