Outsourcing is a very well-known way to boost the productivity of an organization. This augmented process can be segmented into different categories per organizational needs. In this article, CloudVandana will describe the various types associated with this process and give a detailed description of the offerings of this hiring process so that companies can decide which model suits them the best. 


It is a business process of hiring a third party outside an organization to perform services for a specific term traditionally performed by in-house employees and staff. It is a practice undertaken by companies as a cost-cutting measure. This process cuts costs and frees up time to focus on more essential areas or tasks to achieve the target. This process is of four types.

  • Onshoring
  • Offshoring
  • Nearshoring
  • Staff Augmentation

Let’s have a look at the various segments of outsourcing.


Onshoring is the process of sourcing or relocating an organization’s production operation or resources within domestic and national borders. It is the practice of getting an external team to help in the work process from the same country. The benefits of onshoring are-

  • To get the appropriate work culture and resources as per the business needs.
  • No language barrier comes within.
  • To get the same or similar time zone for accessible communication and support.

However, this hiring process has a significant drawback: no cuts in the organization’s cost. 


Offshoring is a business process from one country to another. It is getting an external team from a distant land to help in the organizational process. It is a well-known and widespread practice among multinationals as well as startups. The essential benefits of this process are as follows-

  • This process hugely cut down on costs.
  • An organization can get 24/7 support from this external team.

Though this is not a big drawback, the outsourcing process can differ in style and structure. But with time, these differences go away.


Nearshoring hires an external team to help in the organizational process, but the team is located in a neighboring country or a country within the same region. The benefits of nearshoring are as follows-

  • This process helps to reduce a considerable cost reduction of an organization.
  • It is easier to visit and communicate with the external team.

This process has a few drawbacks, like different work cultures and lack of clear communication. But again, these challenges can be overcome in the practice of a few months. 

After discussing the three segments of this process, CloudVandana focuses on the fourth process. Staff augmentation

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Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation is an outsourced process used to complete a project or any other organizational process and respond to the business objectives. The technique evaluates the existing staff and determines the additional skills to include depending upon the business needs. It may leverage existing resources as well as utilize outsourced services. It is mainly the process of hiring highly skilled contractors who may come from anywhere to enhance a business, boost their specific expertise, and contribute to a particular task within the allotted time. Staff augmentation is specifically recommended for short-term projects. 

So, these were the overview of the various services offered through its outsourced process. Are you looking to hire outsourced resources for your organization? CloudVandana provides staff augmentation services on technologies like Salesforce, Java, Python, PHP Laravel, React JS, and Node JS

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