Email Marketing is a direct marketing channel that lets businesses share new products, sales, and updates with customers on their contact list. Modern email campaign focuses on consent, segmentation, and personalization. Sometimes it may sound like a long-term process, but with the help of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Automation, the tasks have become seamless. A proper strategy not only drives sales but helps to create a brand. 

In this blog, CloiudVandana will discuss how Salesforce can enhance email marketing campaigns. 

When an organization has a data-based strategy and the right tools in place, email marketing can be one of the most effective marketing strategies. 

Let’s have a look at the best practices —

1. Email Marketing Software

Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides market-leading email marketing software solutions. With the help of Salesforce Email Studio, marketers can use advanced personalization to maintain a direct relationship with their clients to provide a personalized solution. In addition, it helps to measure the campaign ROI using feedback from users in real time, monitor campaign effectiveness, and plan for success. 

2. Email Subscriber List

Creating an email subscriber list is simple. The challenge is growing, segmenting, and maintaining the lists. Marketers can increase their email lists organically. So they can seek out leads who are actually interested in the brand. Marketers can offer a loyalty program, free webinars, etc., to encourage potential customers. It is recommended to segment the list by demographics, interests, or other factors. 

3. Email-Design

Marketers should design emails with high-quality and enjoyable content from their brand. It is one of the effective ways to accomplish an instant impression. The chosen templates should be responsive so that pushing the prospects toward conversion becomes easy. 

4. Effective Email Copy

Effective email copy can encourage readers to take advantage of a sale, educate the prospects, or encourage them to take advantage of a sale, educating them, or encourage them to write a review about the brand. Marketers can keep it concise, relevant, and easily scalable. 

5. Email Call To Action

Email marketing should have a strategic purpose. They should have a specific job to push the visitors through the sales funnel towards sales. So, marketers should include an effective CTA to clearly explain the action. Additional links can be added for more engagement. 

6. A/B Testing

The best way to learn the best result from A/B testing is an effective way. In this method, two versions of the same email campaign need to be created, and only one aspect should be different from the other, like a heading or infographics. Email A should be sent to half audience, and email B should be sent to another half to see the best result. 

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