An extended team model (ETM) is also known as staff augmentation. It is a renowned modern alternative model of product development to outsourcing. If organizations hire a team from a staff augmentation firm for a long-term basis, selecting this model can offer them more flexibility and benefits than other outsourcing models. 

Today, in this blog, CloudVandana will discuss an overview of this model and its various benefits. 

To complete a project successfully and deploy it at the right time, experienced software developers are essential. Most of the time, organizations across the globe face difficulties with adding resources to their existing team, as new projects demand various requirements and skill sets. So, the extended model comes to the rescue. 

Extended Team Model

An extended team can be either nearshored or offshored. Companies can hire this model depending on the project requirements. This model is accepted by organizations across the globe; organizations can make the contract as per the project length. In this model, a long-term relationship is created. 

Benefits Of Extended Team Model

Though the overall functionality of ETM and traditional outsourcing processes are pretty similar, a few features make this model and traditional outsourcing different from each other. 

Let’s have a look at the benefits of this hiring model-

1. Equal Distribution Of Tasks

Through this model, tasks and responsibilities are equally distributed among the team members of both in-house and outsourced teams. After completing the project, the contract with the external teams is continued for a long-term collaboration. 

2. An Important Part Of The Organization

An extended model always fills the skill and experience gap, becomes an essential part of the organization, and shares the vision and requirements while managing existing resources. 

3. Huge Talent Pool

This model is a cost-effective and versatile solution. As a result, organizations can access the international talent pool as per their required skill in a cost-effective way. 

4. Learning Ability To The Employees

In-house can be benefited from the outsourced team as it gives them the ability to discuss various challenges, learn from each other, and create excellent solutions together. So this collaboration makes the development and deployment faster. 

5. Flexibility

This hiring model provides scalability and flexibility. So, organizations do not need to face any recruitment hassles and arrange training drives for developers. 

Are you interested in hiring an extended team for faster and more efficient project development for your organization? CloudVandana is offering Developer as a Service so that organizations can hire the best team of developers that suits the best for their project requirements. Schedule a call with us and share your requirements. 

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