The Salesforce Health Cloud is a leading healthcare CRM platform tailored specifically for the healthcare industry. The platform offers a complete view of the consumer, intelligent care management, and a connected and collaborative experience. The possibilities of this platform are endless, so with the help of customization and modification, healthcare organizations can experience the most benefits and a long-term relationship with their customers. 

In this blog, CloudVandana will discuss the essential features of Salesforce Health Cloud.

Salesforce Health Cloud

The platform provides the ability to achieve a patient-centric approach to care by incorporating apps more flexibly. 

Features Of Salesforce Health Cloud For Providers

The features include the following-

1. 360- Degree View Of Patient History

The platform provides every detail of patients, including appointment details, current conditions, doctors’ details who are attending them, and medications in a centralized place so that the team members working with the patient can get the details anytime, anywhere, whenever required. 

2. Real-Time Patient Engagement

Salesforce communities within this platform allow patients and healthcare providers to communicate easily through messages anytime. 

3. Complete Patient Experiences

The platform allows providers to customize care plans and make connections. 

Features For Payers

These features allow payers to get engaged with members and providers more efficiently. The features include the following-

1. Member Care Management

Through smart utilization management, proactive risk identification, and real-time integration with legacy systems, payers can experience the 360-degree view of the members. 

2. Member Journey Management

The platform provides automated workflows and omnichannel communications and comes with pre-built templates, which makes it possible for agents to engage their members at every key point in their journey. 

3. Personalized Member Services

The Health Cloud provides agents with a complete picture of the members, and they can deliver more personalized interactions and proactive support with the help of intelligent recommendations available in the health cloud. It helps agents to stay connected and empowered with real-time information regarding their members and offers faster and more detailed case resolution and support. 

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