PHP is a general-purpose scripting language geared toward web development. PHP Developers are professionals who develop applications, websites, and programs using this framework. It is always been the most logical and popular option for web development. Organizations around the world are using this scripting language for various projects. So the demand for developers in this framework is increasing. 

In this blog, CloudVandana will guide you through the hiring process of skilled Developers that organizations should consider while hiring. 

PHP is an easy-to-learn scripting language that can be operated on any web server. It has plenty of frameworks and a sizable community. 

Though it is simple and easy to learn, it is always recommended to take assistance from a true professional. So, before hiring PHP developers for your organization, let’s look at the skills of a developer. 

Skills Of PHP Developers

Developers can be segmented into various categories. Organizations can select their developers based on their requirements and candidates’ competency levels. 

1. Beginner

Beginners are like freshers who have just started with PHP development. They are capable of understanding the fundamentals of programming, and they can create certain features. They prefer working in a group to overcome any challenging situations quickly. 

Small and medium-sized companies can hire beginners as they can easily fulfill their requirements and have a low rate of development costs. 

Beginners should have proper knowledge of PHP and HTML programming languages and should know one of the major frameworks. They should be familiar with the content management system(CMS)and should be able to understand the basic functions. 

2. Mid Level

Mid-level developers have various development projects under them, and they are capable of providing high-quality web applications. These developers can work on an app without monitoring. 

Their skills include proper knowledge of more than one framework, like CodeIgniter, Laravel, or CakePHP, Product requirements analysis, and database execution. They are skilled in object-oriented programming in this particular framework. They are adding back-end capabilities for increased app performance and code troubleshooting. 

3. Experts

Expert professionals specialize in various areas and work with the most updated web development technology and practices. They have a good understanding of product requirements and can suggest a more effective and secure solution. 

The skills include knowledge of the most popular PHP frameworks, Advanced technical expertise such as PHP for loT, Blockchain, Machine learning, and other solutions. 

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