IT Staff Augmentation is an outsourced model where developers are skilled, properly trained, and know how to achieve project goals. These members can help the organization execute ongoing plans by scaling and offering the current industry best practices.

On the other hand, project-based consulting is a project-specific solution for those pursuing something new. This is also an important form of outsourcing. With this model, organizations may hire a single person or a team of developers. Organizations can hire a software development company like CloudVandana to get the best team and solutions. 

Today, CloudVandana will describe the difference between Staff Augmentation and project-based consulting. 

IT Staff Augmentation

IT Staff Augmentation is a flexible solution for industries looking for a flexible solution to scale their business. The outsourced experts have a broad range of skills that can be used across a specific development project. 

The model is an effective solution to increase the in-house team’s productivity. The external team members work as a part of the team and help in scaling productivity and meeting deadlines without the lengthy hiring and training process. Organizations just need to make a contract with the Staff Augmentation firm whenever needed. 

There are various advantages associated with the Staff Augmentation model. Let’s look at the three main advantages.

Advantages Of IT Staff Augmentation

1. Easy Scaling

Organizations can scale up or down their workflow and the team of developers depending on their project needs, which is impossible with in-house developers. 

2. Rapid Onboarding With Minimal Or No Training

Companies can hire many developers without arranging any training drive as the developers are skilled and trained by the Staff Augmentation firm. So the remote team can join immediately without interrupting the workflow. 

3. Cost-effective Solution

Staff Augmentation is a cost-effective solution for organizations as organizations can increase or decrease the team size based on the project requirements. After completing the project, they can discontinue the contract by giving short notice. So companies do not need to spend extra pennies when there is no active project. This saved money can be spent on various operations to enhance the organization. 

Project-Based Consulting

Every brand wants to increase product success by making its product available to a huge customer base. So broad experience is necessary to execute sales efficiently to every platform. A project-based consulting service solves various challenges and guides organizations by providing various tools, technologies, and industry standards. These efforts ensure efficiency and on-time project deployment into new territory.

The team applies the industry best practices to the unique development environment t design a proper roadmap for the project delivery. The model shows the best way to implement any plan and introduce their core talents to a new challenge. 

This model also provides numerous benefits to the organization. Let’s discuss the three key benefits.

Advantages Of Project-Based Consulting

1. Access To The Best Talent

Project-based consulting provides the best talent that suits the best organizations depending on their size and requirements. So the productivity increases. 

2. Get To Market Faster

Independent talent is experts in the fields and has a wealth of real-world experience. They are fully dedicated to achieving company goals and meeting the deliverables outlined in their contract. This allows companies to market faster with new ideas or additional projects. 

3. Better Manage Turnover

Project-based staffing allows companies to build a modern business model that blends independent contractor talent with employees. This model helps companies access those professionals with top skills. 

Both models are essential for organizations. They are not mutually exclusive solutions. Project-specific consultation can develop into a more hands-on commitment, provided the external source has the capacity for a long-term engagement. 

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