Java is a high-level, class-based, object-oriented programming language with as few implementation dependencies as possible. But why is it considered one of the most popular programming languages for backend development

In this blog, CloudVandana, a reputed Staff Augmentation firm in India, will discuss the key reasons to use Java for backend development while building a new web or mobile application. 

While developing a backend application, organizations need to choose the right technology and framework for further expansion. This language helps to boost production during the software or web development process. 

Making a contract with a reputed Staff Augmentation firm to hire the best team of developers is the best way to experience the best talent. Let’s discuss the ten key reasons to choose this framework to enhance backend development.

10 Key Reasons To Choose Java

Let’s dive into the details. 

1. Object-Oriented Programming Language 

It is an object-oriented programming language. So it has various concepts that are relatable. This framework has become more accessible, flexible, modular, and extensible. This language supports principles like Data Abstraction, Polymorphism, Encapsulation, Overloading, and Inheritance. According to the backend web developers, this makes the language as powerful as C++.

2. The Programming Language For The Enterprise

It is the most used programming language for building Enterprise and web applications. Since enterprise-grade applications have heavy performance requirements, they need a technology stack to handle the activities. Enterprise apps need robust security to ensure the confidentially of data, which makes Development valuable. 

3. Inspired By C And C ++

C & C ++ are very long-tenured programming languages that are the ancestors of Java And Python. Java resembles C and C++ but doesn’t have characters like pointers and multiple inheritances. So, coders who understand C and C ++ can easily adopt this framework. 

4. Great Performance

The Java compiler is designed for performance. The code is compiled into bytes and then compiled by the Java compiler. Before converting into machine-level code, the code runs through Java virtual machine. 

5. Enhanced Growth

This framework was created 24 years ago. Since then, this programming language has evolved and adapted from the beginning to fulfill every need of the latest market trends. In addition, various new features have been added with each release, so organizations across the world are becoming more interested in using this language not only for backend development but also for enterprise applications.

6. Economical And Easy To Maintain

Java is open source under open JDK. Java programs are easy to develop and maintain. In addition, they can efficiently run on any JVM, so users don’t need to bear extra costs for setting up specialized environments for executing Java programs. Moreover, Java boasts good community support that helps beginners to overcome coding complexities.

7. Security

Safety characteristics are built into this framework and the runtime system. Runtime checking and static type are checked at the compile time. So, it becomes challenging to seize a Java-based application from the outside. Data security is an essential part of any application. So, organizations worldwide prefer to hire expert app developers with hands-on expertise with this framework to provide a secure and robust application. 

8. Easy Coding

The easy coding feature defines the simplicity of a programming language. This framework has less ambiguous terminology, so anyone with basic Java knowledge can start using this framework.  

9. Robust Solution

Robustness means reliability. It is the most supported programming language that is robust and scalable. In addition, the automatic memory management and garbage collection features make it portable across various platforms. 

10. Multithreading

This programming language has multithreading capabilities so that developers can create highly interactive and responsive applications with the help of various concurrent threads of activities. The multi-threading environment supported by Java gives users a quick response time, fewer issues, multi-operations, better performance, and faster concurrent access. 

There are various other benefits of this framework that organizations can experience by hiring the best team of Java Developers. 

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