Lead scoring is used to rank prospects based on their perceived value to the organization. It authorizes sales and marketing departments to identify the most valuable prospects for the organization and the sales funnel. Lead scoring is essential to every organization when it is set up and used regularly. Otherwise, there will be a possibility of marketing and sales time wastage. 

Today in this blog, CloudVandana will give an overview of Lead Scoring in Salesforce. The lead Scoring process offers two key advantages. First, enriched data with demographic attributes can be easily added in this method, and all recorded sales activity can be used within the scoring formulas. 

Lead scoring filters the quality of leads gives a clear perception about the lead quality and maximizes the chance to convert into opportunity and deal. 

Procedure To Setup Lead Scoring

A list can be created for the qualification process of a lead. After that, the Lead Scoring should be defined in the Lead layout, followed by defining the scoring for requirements fields. Finally, the image should be selected to display in lead scoring. 

The Importance Of Lead Scoring

Most of the lead scoring frameworks assign point values to numerous activities that a lead or client can adopt in the sales channel. When a lead touches a specific point, they are considered a hot prospect. This method helps the salespeople by reaching out to a lead keeping the salespeople stay on track, drawing the attention of the salespeople to the potential customers, and being more productive. 

Lead scoring can be better identify how close a prospect or customer is to making a purchase with lead scoring. By identifying the position of the lead in the sales funnel, salespeople can organize the possibilities and assets. This process leads to close deals faster, increasing the conversion rate. This process makes the sales procedure much more effective by emphasizing the most promising leads first. 

Salespeople do not need to include all the data in lead scoring. It is recommended to start with a basic lead scoring model and build the rest procedure over time as the ideal customer profile (ICP) needs to be defined. 

In the beginning, firmographic and demographic data can form the base of the model. The identity of the lead is more essential than identifying the actions they are taking on the website or app. 

Einstein Lead Scoring

Einstein lead scoring includes a lead score field to leads. This platform helps the salespeople by ranking leads as per the previous converted records. It is a ‘try and checks’ process done by manual audit and re-evaluation of the lead scoring criteria. Using predictive lead scoring by artificial intelligence(AI) and machine learning (ML), the sales and marketing team does not need to find out the criteria in a lead scoring formula. The system conducts the required research and calculations automatically. So, the sales and marketing managers can eliminate constant scoring formula reviews, decrease the total number of evaluation inaccuracies, and can manage the other important tasks efficiently.  

Salesforce introduced Einstein, an Artificial Intelligence platform that provides additional components to offer a predictive lead scoring approach. 

Einstein lead scoring uses the existing fields on the lead record to identify the data points that are responsible for the leads’ conversion. Then the engine adopts the best rule to score leads. So the higher a score, the more possibilities of conversion.

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