Unhappy customers lead to lost sales! Get up-to-speed on using OmniChannel in Salesforce and save time by providing quality customer service with ease.

OmniChannel in Salesforce

OmniChannel for Salesforce provides a single platform with everything required to handle customer interactions quickly and efficiently, allowing you to provide first-class service and optimize the customer experience. Find out how to integrate OmniChannel into your Salesforce system and start providing higher quality, more satisfying customer service experiences today.

Understanding OmniChannel

OmniChannel for Salesforce is an all-inclusive solution that helps you manage customer interactions by providing access to contextualized data, seamless navigation between your customer-facing channels, and efficient handoff between agents. This unified system allows you and your team to service customers more effectively in real time. In addition, it promotes improved customer relationships through faster response times, better engagement tracking, and enhanced reporting capabilities.

Setting Up Your Queues and Work Routing Rules

When you set up your OmniChannel for the Salesforce system, it’s important to create queues and work routing rules that are tailored to the tasks and needs of your team. You’ll want to make sure all customer interactions are accounted for and routed appropriately. The key is to assign cases based on agent availability, skills, priority level, location, etc. This will ensure that customers receive the highest level of support in an organized and timely manner.

Utilize the Omni-Channel Settings Dashboard

The Omni-Channel Settings dashboard allows you to control how and when a customer service request enters the Omni-Channel system. The dashboard includes settings related to agent routing, case scheduling, and queue management, making it easy to customize the way your Salesforce customer service is handled. You have full control over which queues customers can submit requests to, when they receive notifications, and when agents are available for case assignments.

Leverage Built-In Automation Features

Automation is key to any successful customer service experience, and Omni-Channel for Salesforce provides a lot of features to help you streamline your operations. For example, you can use automated assignment rules to route incoming requests to the best available agents and manage the wait times for customers submitting requests in your queues. You can also easily set up artificial intelligence systems that use natural language processing to quickly answer frequently asked questions, freeing up agents’ time. Automation also lets you provide customers with proactive online or SMS notifications when their cases are accepted or updated.

Engaging Agents with Live Agents and Chatbot

Automation isn’t the only way to ensure a great customer service experience. Omni-Channel for Salesforce also allows your agents to use the Live Agent and Chatbot tools, making it easier for them to communicate with customers in real-time. Live Agent provides an intuitive user interface that easily integrates with existing CRM processes while offering customers a more personalized connection with their agents. The Chatbot tool lets you quickly implement sophisticated artificial intelligence models such as natural language processing and machine learning, so you can offer customers faster response times and better answers to their questions.

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