Progressive profiling in Pardot is a game-changer for lead generation. Do you want to grab more and more information from prospects whenever they download new content from your website?

With Pardot, you can create a Progressive Profiling, which helps you to fetch more details from your prospects.

As Known, using fewer fields on your forms results in higher conversion rates. Pardot Progressive Profiling can give you the conditional functionality to display fields on the form for prospects based on the completion of their previous fields on the form. 

Benefits of using Progressive profiling:

  • Keep your form short.
  • Provides you the functionality to collect missing information about your prospects.
  • Provides you with condition-based fields.

Let’s take an example, when the prospect fills up your form’s first time the prospect will see these fields on the form.

And after the conversion, if the prospect visits again then the prospect will see these fields on the form.


Note: Over the time you’ll get more information about the prospect by using Progressive Profiling.

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