Retargeting or remarketing is an effective way of re-attract bounced traffic after they leave the website. Every business wants to get back the website visitors who didn’t convert from the first time. So to get the visitors back, retargeting is a very effective type of online marketing. In this article, CloudVandana is sharing 5 effective retargeting strategies to increase the conversion rate and enhance sales. 

1. Target Specific Audiences

To start any business campaign, marketers need to set the target audience first. In other words, it would be stupidity to target a vegetarian for an ad featuring a hamburger. A great marketing strategy requires a clear perception of the target audience or group of customers. Instead of broadly retargeting every website visitor, a segmented audience as per their interest can be targeted.  Companies can retarget the audience based on their activity. 

  • Who Visit the webpage
  • Visit specific pages inside the webpage
  • Haven’t visited in a certain period of time
  • Visit only specific pages but not others

The marketer can create a seamless customer experience by serving audiences with high-relevant content. The more specific will be the targeting, the more personalized experience will be there. This helps to increase ad engagement

2. Retarget Readers Of Earned Media

Positive third-party reviews are one of the best ways to help the business grow, but they can be a bit difficult to scale. By installing a tool that triggers when someone clicks on the content, testimonials, or any third-party recommendation these activities can be scaled.

3. Retarget The People Who Spend Much Time On Your Website

Keeping an eye on the analytics is very important as it provides a clear understanding of how much time visitors spend on the site before they convert into customers. So retargeting those customers who spend much time is very important as they might lead to conversion. On the other hand, marketers should not be bothered by the people who spend less than 15 secs on the site. They likely clicked by accident or for any other reason, that is not worth retargeting.

4. Retarget With Helpful Content

If a visitor visits a particular page in the help center or spends specific time in the blog section with some particular topics, then it can be understood that they are struggling with a specific issue or interested in the specific subject. Marketers can retarget them with a deeper understanding of blogs or content to move them along in the sales funnel. Educating the customers is an effective way of retaining the audience. 

5. Encourage Cart Abandoners To Complete The Check-Out Process With Discount Coupons

This process is very much effective for eCommerce industries. 70% of web buyers abandon their carts just before the placement of the order. These statistics are very painful for advertisers. Marketers already invested so much for these prospects, but they should not let them forget about their brands. Marketers can take a page of the items of their interests and remind them about those goods with a more discount coupon this time. At maximum times, this gentle reminder convince the prospects to come back and convert.

These are the most impactful retargeting strategies that can increase the conversion rate. Marketers need to keep the concept in mind that, the most customized will be the strategy, the more successful the campaign will be. Do you have any brilliant ideas or tips for remarketing ads? Share them with CloudVandana in the comment section.

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