Salesforce is recognized as the world’s #CRM. AWS is Amazon Web Services. It is a subsidiary of Amazon providing on-demand cloud computing platforms and APIs to individuals, companies, and governments, on a metered pay-as-you-go basis. Salesforce and AWS are both successful cloud companies in their respective categories. For the last few years, the two companies have had an evolving partnership. Recently, they have announced a new set of integration capabilities that cross the two platforms. 

Salesforce Announces Partnership With AWS

As per Salesforce, these two companies have worked together in the past to provide features like secure sharing between the two services, but they were hearing from customers that they are interested in taking it to the next level so this expanded partnership is the first step towards making it happen.

The focus is to unify two platforms, bringing the power of Amazon services with the power of Salesforce services. This expansive partnership has a couple of new features that companies are working on both the platform and application side. In a more specific way, Salesforce is going to virtualize Amazon data inside Salesforce without complicated coding.

 As a result, Amazon data is virtualized and appears within Salesforce just like its native data. Similarly, Amazon developers are building applications so that Salesforce data can be accessible and have it natively on Amazon. This process can be completed through a connector without a lot of coding. The companies have also announced event-sharing capabilities, which made it easier for both Salesforce and Amazon customers microservices-based applications. These are simple drag-and-drop functions where coding is not required. 

The companies have also announced plans to access the platforms with a guided setup. The two cloud companies are working on applications to build tools into the service cloud and other Salesforce services using AWS machine learning technology. Amazon’s VP of Global marketing said that this way, developers can create solutions that span the two platforms. According to him, this will unlock so many opportunities for business and create a better customer experience. It is worth noting that Salesforce also has extensive partnerships with other cloud providers, including Google Cloud Platform

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