Salesforce is considered the #CRM in the world. It releases three updates each year. Salesforce is back with its Summer ‘22 release features as per their update schedule. This CRM platform releases these updates to increase its products’ productivity, reliability, and availability. 

Today, in this blog, CloudVandana will discuss the Summer’22 features at a glance. Each release changes the current configurations. Generally, release notes include the Test Run option that allows one to activate an update and analyze the changes to the organization. 

Let’s have a look at the features of Salesforce summer’22

This modification affects the Lightning Experience, Classic, and the Salesforce mobile app in Salesforce CPQ. This modification was initially made accessible in Summer’21 and cannot be turned off. Salesforce CPQ runs quicker using Web Components V1 technology, but the appearance and functionality of the modification may alter. 

Some user interface variations are expected when the update is implemented based on the settings and the browser. 


Users should update the flow screens to utilize the platform. Section components will be used to prepare the replacement of two-column layouts with the multi-column displays. Lightning web components are used to rebuild the Dependent Picklists component. Finally, a flow can be created using the custom screen components that react to user input on the same screen. 


Salesforce now easily supports the Dependent Picklists component in every area that performs screen flows. The component looks and behaves the same as in the previous editions with a few alterations. For example, two possible error messages come when a user fails to fill out the needed field in a dependent picklists component. Previously, only one error message was displayed for both systems. Similarly, when both the systems detected the same issue for a field, the user only could see one error message. 

Now users can easily monitor, log, and restrict the CPU time required by flows and processes after this upgrade. As a result, all the complex flows and processes are more likely to surpass the limit that should be tested. This update is applicable to Lightning Experience and Classic versions in Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer. 

Flows and processes crash if any transaction is caused to run over the CPU time limit. Therefore, users can reduce the number of components and cross-object references in a flow or process to reduce CPU time utilization. 

Passwords Update And Reset Securely

This upgrade is available on all versions of Lightning Experience and Salesforce classic. When the email address of an organization is changed, they generate a new password and reset the link in the new address; the users also receive a reset password link at their new email address. This new method ensures that each user’s email address is correctly confirmed before the update. 

Solve MFA Challenges

This update affects the Lightning Experience, Salesforce Classic, and Salesforce mobile app in the Essentials, Enterprise, Performance, Personal, Unlimited, and Developer editions. Additionally, users who access Salesforce using an SSO Auth Provider are not required to complete an MFA challenge. 

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