Salesforce CPQ is a Configure, Price, Quote Software by Salesforce. It is a sales tool to provide accurate pricing with any product configuration scenario. The tool helps the sales representatives to quote prices quickly and accurately. It offers a user-friendly interface for the team, optimized for any device due to the cloud-based functionality. 

Salesforce CPQ is hosted under the Sales Cloud platform and directly links with CRM to create essential sales decisions. Implementation of Salesforce CPQ can lead to quick closing of deals, quote accuracy, enhanced sales processes, etc. Let’s have a look at the advantages of this platform. 

Advantages Of Salesforce CPQ

Companies that do not have CPQ software yet should implement this platform for impressive results in the whole sales process. 

CPQ Reduces Time

To get the maximum profit, organizations should work smarter and more efficiently. Organizations should reduce the timing in the production process and efficiently apply it to sales. The tool simplifies critical processes like submitting proposals, creating quotes, etc. As Salesforce CPQ is integrated with Salesforce CRM, the sales team can operate the information on their mobile from anywhere, anytime. Getting all the information at their fingertips keeps them updated all the time, and they can provide information for every query of the customers immediately. The sales representatives should focus on delivering value to the customer. 

Salesforce CPQ Identifies Specializations, Add-ons, And Options To Increase Deal Size

Every sale should follow a subject matter expert(SME) to solve problems and awareness of which solutions will be most efficient to implement. While most salespeople are well aware of their industry, many do not have technical insights about the more complex products. CPQ becomes a viable option without having an SME on every sales call. Salesforce CPQ helps salespeople ask the right question to offer specialization, add-ons, or complex configurations. 

CPQ Increases Conversion By Providing Proper Quotations 

The sales team spends hours on configurations and quotes. So they get less time to focus on their customers. As a result, the sales closing rate decreases. If the sales team needs to research and manually write the quotations, they waste time unnecessarily. CPQ anticipates any possible scenario in pricing and streamlines the quoting process. So, the more accurate and efficient the proposed configuration and quote, the more of a trusted partner the organization will become. 

CPQ Accelerates The Sales Process

A quick sales process is the secret to the new landscape of selling. CPQ speeds up-selling techniques, leaving less time to permeate the deal. As a result, Salesforce CPQ users have noticed a faster sales process. CPQ applications help sales organizations to reduce wasted time and protect more values from stalling in the sales pipeline. 

CPQ To CRM Increases Profitability

Adding CPQ to the existing CRM leads to more profitability. It enhances both revenues and efficiency. Salesforce CPQ users can see a significant return on their investment. CPQ should be implemented with plenty of training and support for the sales employees, who will learn to use CPQ for upselling and cross-selling. 

If the Salesforce CPQ is implemented correctly, it can help save time, increase quote accuracy, and close bigger deals faster. Are you planning to implement Salesforce CPQ in your organization? Please feel free to contact CloudVandana for seamless implementation and maintenance. 

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