Salesforce Winter 23 release is right around the corner. The world’s #1 CRM brand has declared the important dates and a couple of important things –

  • How to prepare your Sandbox
  • When your instance gets upgraded

Those who have the opportunity to attend Dreamforce ‘22 will be able to attend a dedicated keynote where the new features of the winter release’23 will be shown. 

New Features In Salesforce Winter 23

Before discussing the features, let’s look at the important release dates –

  • September 9, 2022
  • October 7, 2022
  • October 14, 2022

Dynamic Forms Available 

Dynamic forms are now available for accounts, contacts, and opportunities. From Lightning App Builder, users can add field sections and individual fields without working on the page layout. Visibility rules are also included. 

New Custom Address Fields

This feature is now available. Users can register a custom address, or a Google search can be used to locate it. Then each address can be accessed in a custom address field, either as a structured composite data type or as individual address components.

Bulk Management 

Users can delete, activate, deactivate or replace various picklist field values simultaneously.  From the configuration, users have to activate the Advanced Pick List Value Management functionality.  Then from the configuration page of the custom field, users can select values they want to modify using the checkbox next to the picklist value. There have been many new buttons added like- Delete Selected, Deactivate Selected, Replace Selected, and Activate Selected. 

Follow Up And Search For Pending Tasks

From the To-Do List in the utility bar, Sales Engagement users can view, sort, and organize various tasks from records or cadences in a single view. Users can apply tags to tasks in the To-Do- List for customization. 


Cloud specific Features

Salesforce has introduced some more features for each cloud. Let’s have a quick look-

Sales Cloud

1. Collaborative Forecasts

Users can now use Custom Calculated Columns in forecasts. Additionally, there will be changes in the way forecasts are displayed in the quota fulfillment progress bars. 

2. Assign Leads To Territories

Now there is a possibility of assigning leads between territories manually, assigning access levels for records by territory.

3. Opportunities

Users will be able to manage the visibility of the Push Count field.

Service Cloud

1. Updated case routing using omnichannel flows

2. In messaging channels 

3. Email-to-case enhancements

4. Updating actions in Omni Supervisor

Experience Cloud

1. Flexibility to work with LWR and CMS

2. Partial deployment of a community

3. Search options on all content

Commerce Cloud

1. Salesforce payments (To provide a secured payment experience).

2. Improved order management

3. Global improvements for tax management. 

Field Service

The additional features include

1. Smarter asset management

2. Updated and improved resource planning

3. Optimized parts and inventory management

4. Mobile application enhancements

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Picture Courtesy: Salesforce

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