Dreamforce is Salesforce’s annual event that brings together the global Salesforce  Trailblazers- community, Partners, and employees for learning, community building, and lots of fun activities to strengthen the bond between the professionals. It is the most highlighted event of the year.

Today, CloudVandana will give a detailed description of the upcoming grand event Dreamforce’22. 

It is Dreamforce’s 20th anniversary, and this time, the event will be held in Moscone Center, San Fransisco, from 20th to 22nd of September. The event can be watched online on the Salesforce+ streaming service, and if you are interested in visiting the event, the registration is now open. You can join the event online or in person. 

What Is Dreamforce?

It is the annual conference arranged by Salesforce. The first event occurred twenty years back with just a thousand customers. It began as a small gathering for customers and transferred into the largest software conference in the world. The event brings together through hands-on learning experiences endless opportunities to network and provides key innovations for the future. 

The journey started in 2003, and now it is far more than just a conference. Attendees can expect to learn innovations that can help them to solve various business challenges through various sessions, training, and certification opportunities. They can meet new people and learn from like-minded Trailblazers, meet an incredible network of partners, and be there when new ideas are created. Attendees can help build diversity, equality, and sustainability with different perspectives. 

When And Where Is Dreamforce’22?

The conference will take place on September 20th-22nd in San Fransisco. The event will also be brought to you live via Salesforce +, the free streaming platform of Salesforce. 

Who Goes To This Grand Event?

The Community includes every level and every industry, the most innovative brands in the world, changemakers, employees and experts, and Trailblazers. No other tech event provides many hands-on learning opportunities to build the future of business. 

What Can You Expect At The Event?

Attendees can discover new products and emerging technology through different sessions, workshops, and keynotes. Let’s look at the key points that you can expect from Dreamforce.


The event and its platform are great learning experiences for the attendees. They can learn about the latest innovations from various renowned speakers. They can apply those lessons to transform their business.


The event is hosted by thought leaders, industry pioneers, and notable luminaries who share their expertise with others. There are always provocative discussions about social, economic, and environmental issues. Many Trailblazers take inspiration for their career path by adding new certifications or gaining new skills on Trailhead, the free online learning platform. They also learn about new tools, technologies, tips, and tricks to help the companies to become more customer-centric. 

Giving Back

Every year this leading CRM brand makes partnerships with nonprofits to bring attendees the opportunities and activities that create our community and help the people who need it most. Being a Trailblazers means building knowledge, a career, and relationships. So there are a lot of opportunities for attendees.

The #1 CRM brand loves giving back to the community. The brand has reached over half a billion dollars in all-time philanthropic giving. Areas include education, workforce development, child welfare, community development, and many more. 

Lots Of Fun Building Community

Trailblazers are fun-loving, so when they gather, either virtually or in person, it becomes an epic family reunion. There are various surprises and delights in between the sessions. The mascots like Brandy, Astro, etc., celebrate the success of every corner. 

More About This Event

Interested persons can register and learn more about the event at Dreamforce.com. Trailblazers can attend in person or can be connected through the streaming platform. So, get ready!!

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