Node.js has gained popularity among developers for various reasons. It is an open-source, back-end Javascript runtime environment that runs on the V8 engine and executes Javascript code outside a web browser. Today, in this blog, CloudVandana will discuss the reasons behind the increasing popularity of this technology.  

Let’s have a look at the basic functionalities of this technology first. 

Node.js is generally used for back-end operations and can be used with front-end JavaScript frameworks like Angular, React, Vue, and others. 

Node.js was introduced in 2009, and a new logic and approach were introduced for Javascript service-side development. 

The Reasons Behind The Popularity Of Node.js

1. Easy To Learn Technology

JavaScript skills are shared among developers, and Node.js uses JavaScript. So learning Node.js is easy to adopt or learn. However, knowing Node.js might take longer but still manageable to adopt even without JavaScript knowledge. So, any developer without the knowledge of JavaScript can learn this technology without any difficulty. 

2. Highly Scalable

Node.js is created with various scalable network applications and can handle many concurrent requests. It is one of the important reasons that made this technology famous. Furthermore, this technology can control various proposals without straining the server. It also avoids unnecessary usage of the RAM.

3. Highly Extensible

Developers can customize or add anything to this application. This prevents having unnecessary libraries. The node package manager is the default manager in Node.js, where developers can browse and install over 1 million open-source packages. 

4. Mobile-friendly, Cross-Platform

There has been a rise in cross-platform app development in the last few years. There is no chance of apps not running on other operating systems has gone, as Node.js helps to take care of that. The technology allows developers to write apps that run on various platforms without modifications. 

5. Various Hosting Providers

In recent years, various cloud-based hosting providers and web servers have invented many simple hosting Node.js codes. 

There are many other benefits that developers can experience with the help of this technology. 

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