Salesforce Marketing Cloud is one of the leading marketing automation and analytics software and services. It was introduced under the name ExactTarget. As it is a premium software, it comes with a learning curve. Sometimes, it becomes challenging for the in-house team to run the campaigns successfully. So it is always advisable to hire a reputed Salesforce Marketing Cloud partner to avail the highest benefits of the platform. 

In this blog, CloudVandana will discuss the role of a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Partner to enhance the organization. 

When hiring an agency, organizations should consider if they are certified Salesforce partners or not. Official partners are vetted by Salesforce and go through due diligence and review before becoming approved. 

Salesforce AppExchange allows organizations to filter by industry experts, Salesforce Expertise, location, and ratings. Salesforce Marketing Cloud partners should have the credibility of individual certifications, such as ‘Certified Marketing Cloud Consult’ or ‘ Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialist. So it is always recommended to check the credentials as a part of the selection process. 

The Role Of A Marketing Cloud Partner

The purpose of Salesforce hiring a Marketing Cloud Partner is to assist businesses with best practices, like implementation, development, and management. The services also include platform and module setup, integration with Salesforce and third-party tools, data modeling, and managing data configuration. A reputed partner can help the company by managing data extensions, email templates, campaign strategy, and management, technical troubleshooting, Journey builder or automation studio setup, etc. 

The expert team provided by the partner company should act as an extension of the in-house team, providing every kind of support whenever required. 

A Marketing Cloud Partner uses their expertise to provide agile, continuous improvement by recommending a better way of doing things in the system. As a result, the outsourced team can make better decisions and suggest the best solution to keep the organization updated with every feature and release. 

As an outcome of partnering with Marketing Cloud Experts, Organizations can run faster, with fewer errors and technical expertise. They can have more time to dedicate to marketing strategy and improved campaigns. Through this extensive scalable process, organizations can avoid expensive hires and hours of onboarding and in-house training. The partner organization unveils the highest benefit of the platform so that organizations can experience better marketing and sales alignment, including client relationships and increased ROI. In addition, a reputed partner can help to achieve high delivery rates for email campaigns. 

There are various other benefits of this platform that organizations can experience by making a contract with CloudVandana, a reputed Salesforce Marketing Cloud partner in India, to reach the goal faster. Call Now

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