The Salesforce Certification Exam is an essential part of every Salesforce learner who wants to join the Trailblazer Community. So they all get a bit nervous while sitting for this certification exam. So, to overcome this situation, in this blog, CloudVandana, a reputed Salesforce Partner in India, will describe eight essential tips for a successful Salesforce Certification Exam. 

Tips For A Great Salesforce Certification Exam

Let’s look at the effective tips-

1. Learn The Exam’s Objectives

Salesforce Certification Exam provides a guideline with all the information that Trailblazers must go through once before the exam day. They should read this guide carefully, paying attention to the exam. The guide has all the details about the exam objectives. The objectives include the following-

  • Configuration and setup-20%
  • Object Manager and Lightning App Builder-20%
  • Sales and Marketing Applications-12%
  • Service and Support Applications-11%
  • Productivity and Collaboration-7%
  • Data and Analytics Management-14%
  • Workflow Process Automation-16%

Knowing the objectives better can lead to a better chance of success. 

2. Know Your Testing Style

Candidates can either visit one of the testing centers of Salesforce for an onsite exam or can complete the exam remotely, sitting in any part of the world. Candidates can select the best testing option which is most suitable for them.  

3. Don’t Sweat The Timer

Many people have anxiety regarding time, but the certification exams allow the candidates to control exactly when the test starts for them. The candidates need to complete the exam within a specific time, so the candidates should be well prepared and hit the start button when they are fully ready. 

4. Use Memory Shortcuts

Candidates should find the various shortcuts that work best for them. Memorizing the order of execution is another important example. As per Salesforce, candidates can use this mnemonic to remember the order of execution: Very Awesome Admins Work Pretty Efficiently, Right?

5. The Power Of Guessing

Candidates prepare a lot, so they got quite a bit of knowledge about the Salesforce ecosystem. But in case they face any question that they are not sure about the answer to, it is advisable not to leave the question blank. Instead, an educated guess can be made. Candidates can trust their first instinct, and most of the time, it is likely to be correct. 

6. Read, And Reread

Being prepared for any examination can be stressful, but candidates should stay calm, take time, and read the entire question carefully. They should read through the entire question and each possible answer properly before committing to an answer. 

7. Try And Try Again

Through the Salesforce certification program, the learners gain knowledge in a specific area, but not everyone passes every exam on their first try. That is completely okay. Each exam can be considered as one step towards earning the certification. 

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