Salesforce is helping companies across the globe to generate customer databases, automate various business processes, and manage the business workflow for a very long period of time. This #1 CRM is well known for its quick adaptability and robustness. This solution is inseparable in the present business environment.

In this blog, CloudVandana will discuss the top seven Salesforce trends for 2023 to enhance businesses worldwide. 

Salesforce releases three updates per year, adding various new features to this leading customer relationship management platform. So the solution is becoming a more accessible and essential tool in the industry today.

However, many people are unaware of the benefits of integrating Salesforce CRM into their workflow. This might be the lack of knowledge or capabilities to integrate the latest features by the in-house developers. So it is always advisable to make a contract with a reputed Salesforce partner like CloudVandana to avail the maximum benefits of this platform. 

Let’s discuss the top Salesforce trends-

Top Salesforce Trends For 2023

1. SlackFirst Customer 360

At the present time, businesses are operating digitally with the help of collaborative platforms without interrupting essential operational procedures. In addition, experts all around the world can communicate with each other through a common platform. Salesforce has chosen Slack to make the work easier for businesses worldwide with SlackFirst Customer 360. So the users of SlackFirst Customer 360 may connect, collaborate, and carry out business processes. It is very helpful for the sales, marketing, and services of any organization for a centralized customer experience. Users can easily automate routine tasks using the interfaces of Salesforce and Slack to make the work simpler, more adaptable, and unique. 

2. Salesforce Flow Orchestrator

Presently, the organizational workflow has become more complicated and demands automation for better productivity. To avoid any manual error and slow work process, Salesforce developed Flow Orchestrator. Through this platform, administrators can easily configure, install, and automate business processes more quickly. It enables workflow automation through clicks rather than programming. This automation process enables users to automate and enhance individual experiences by supplying extra features that enhance the influence of business activities. 

3. Salesforce Health Cloud 2.0

This leading CRM platform is continuously contributing to the heathcare industry through the innovation of Salesforce Health Cloud to streamline the whole process and provide a unique patient experience. Recently, Salesforce has implemented various enhancements to Health Cloud 2.0. The solution helps health organizations to manage immunization records, test providers, and make targeted contact. In addition, patients’ data are kept in a single integrated platform so that a value-based treatment can be provided from any location. 

4. Robotic Processes Supported By AI

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have gained huge popularity and importance over time. Technologies have invented various digital tools and platforms that can perform the same task as people perform. So the team does not need to perform the same tasks repeatedly, so they can work more quickly and more precisely. Salesforce has introduced Einstein AI, the predictive analytics platform that helps to predict customer behavior and derives insightful information. In addition, AppExchange partners are always ready to provide goods to improve Salesforce Einstein’s capacity for better optimization.  

5. Hyperforce

Through Hyperforce, businesses can access the possibilities of the public cloud. This next-generation infrastructure design can merge the public cloud partners, using common tools, software development processes, security procedures, and deployment patterns to help businesses to expand quickly. By enabling better in-country performance and faster routes between end users and data centers, the process can enhance the user experience. 

6. Blockchain 

Blockchain technology has gained a lot of attention in recent years. This technology can be used for various other purposes. Salesforce customers can build processes, apps, and blockchain networks through this process. Making the process easier for a considerable range of parties to obtain secure access is the main goal of this technology. This technology would assist businesses in saving time and money. 

7. Personalization

In the modern world, businesses operate under their standards and expectations. They wish to modify the product’s features and layout to suit their requirements. So a personalization feature is very important and very much required to maintain a long-term customer relationship. Salesforce CRM is enhancing its customization process to optimize the business needs of every industry. 

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