JavaScript is a programming language for programming web pages and applications on the internet. Typescript is also a programming language developed and maintained by Microsoft. It is an object-oriented programing language. 

It is one of the most popular programming languages, alongside HTML and CSS. This language can be used on both the front end and the back end with the help of technologies like Node.js and React.js

Due to some added features, TypeScript has been gaining popularity across the globe. Today, in this blog, CloudVandana will discuss the reasons behind the popularity of Typescript over JavaScript. 

Typescript is a Javascript superset with an added feature of static typing. It can be used anywhere the JavaScript can be used. Developers can create composite types using the static type system.

Following are the Basic Data Types in TypeScript-

  • Number
  • Void
  • Boolean
  • String

It is a sophisticated language that sometimes fails to fulfill the potential requirements of a server-side technology in the industry. However, every JS code is valid in Typescript as it is also JavaScript with added capabilities. So, let’s look at the key differences between these two programming languages.

JavaScript Vs. Typescript

The following points are the key reasons developers select Typescript over jS.

Typescript Provides Type Interface

It has a typical interface feature that is very useful. For example, typescript can estimate a variable’s type tied to the value distributed or the function result based on the body. 

Saves The Project From Failure

Developers can’t avoid programming errors. Sometimes it’s a typo, and sometimes it’s out of a hurry to meet the deadline. Many organizations deal with sensitive systems that should be trustworthy to avoid significant challenges. Typescript makes the users sure they won’t pass any wrong type.

Perfectly Works With Node Backend

While the back-end development is being developed, developers can work on the front-end development; developers can work on the front-end to discuss the API response. When a back-end developer builds JS or any other language, documentation for the API must be up to date. 

Enhances The project 

Software projects require the participation of various programmers. These factors help to maintain better and simpler project management. 

Typescripts Documents Itself

The codes are self-explanatory in Typescript. However, in many situations, type definitions are put straight in the project that might take the place of documentation. 

After implementing this programming language into their work process, users can avail of many other advantages. 

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