In the previous blog, CloudVandana has discussed the basic designing tips of WordPress for enhancement. These strategies will help the developers to stand out on the right note. 

WordPress Coding Standards

When developers develop tools for WordPress, they should always follow the coding standards. There are two basic reasons for this, to ensure readability and to minimize common errors.  The coding standards for WordPress have been developed by programmers after several trials. They maximize business success and security. There are four main languages that are used are HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and PHP. Developers should go through all the coding standards from attributes to space usage as per their choice. 

Careful Selection Of Plugins And Themes

WordPress plug-ins can help the developers to build a proper website. Add-ons can slow down the website and frightens the security. So it is better to choose third-party plugins that are frequently updated. When the plugins are updated regularly, the chances of facing any issues are lesser. Developers should uninstall the unused plugins to protect the website from malfunctions. 


Developers should take preventive measures to ensure the security of the website. One of the effective ways is to select a username and a strong password that is not easy to deduce. Some security plugins are also available to keep a track of fake login attempts, spam comments, user activity, blacklisting, and blocking attackers to keep the data protected. 

User Experience 

To get more website visitors, developers should focus on the user interface while developing. Empathetic steps need to be taken while offering anything as per the requirements of the customer or user. No obstacles should be there in the process so that customers can experience a seamless process while they move through the funnel. If the developer is not sure about the requirements of the user, they can always ask them. User research is a very important part of the development project. 

Child Theme And Custom Plug-Ins

It is preferable to not touch the codes of any third-party plugins. If very much needed, developers can create a duplicate code called ‘child theme’ instead of changing the codes of third-party plugins. Without creating the duplicate code, there will be a risk factor in the future during updates. Developers can create additional plugins to add a different User Role. 

Code Reliability

A huge number of best practices by the developers are there to ensure the endurance, maintainability, and reliability of codes. If the codes are not sustainable when the creator is not around, the chances are high for a project to fail. So developers should create robust and readable codes so that any other developers can maintain the codes. The best way is to create a plan to make this process successful. The plan should consist of all the requirements that the problem statement reflects. A folder containing all the details should be there. In addition, codes should be easy to read.

Flexible Codes

Codes should e flexible so that developers can make the required changes to the codes at any time to avoid an outdated website. So a relative URL path should be used. This function will help the developers if they plan to change the site URL. 

Code Spacing

Spacing can make a difference in readability. Though spacing rules don’t create much difference in codes, we can have a quick look at the provided rules in the WordPress PHP Coding Standards. 

  • Spaces after commas and on either side of the comparison, assignment, logical, and string operators. 
  • Both sides of the opening and closing parentheses should contain spaces. 
  • White space should be avoided towards the end of the code. 
  • It is preferable to use no closing PHP tag.

These coding standards will make the coding process more efficient. 

So, website building requires developers as well as a designer. Both the efforts are very much needed to provide an enhanced experience to the customers, and that is the ultimate goal.

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