Backlinks are an essential component that makes a robust online profile of any business or organization. Links from high-quality and relevant sites are always valuable than links from random sites of other industries. However, even links from span sites can harm the Website. Backlinks are links from an external site to another website. In simple words, If another site links to your site, you receive a backlink. 

Search engines like Google view backlinks as ‘votes’ and rank the site higher with many backlinks. But in recent times, organizations started to pay sites to add links, buy links from shady sites, add comments to other blogs with links to their site, or build a network of places to get and buy backlinks. These black-hat strategies decrease the quality of a website. 

Google has released a guideline recently that marketers need to follow to get away with building poor-quality backlinks. 

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Impact Of Backlinks On SEO

Search engines like Google view links as votes, so the more sites are linked to a website, Google considers the Website more valuable and relevant. Backlinks are the main factors where to rank a website in its search results. Backlinks mean another site found the content engaging, interesting, or educational. So they are interested in sharing those stuff with their audience. Marketers should consider the links that are most relevant for their Website’s SEO. If various trusted sites link to a webpage, Google knows that the Website has excellent content that users might want to read. So this helps to rank high in the Search Engine Result Page. 

Elements That Makes The Backlinks Valuable

Following are the crucial factors that make the backlink valuable. 

1. Location And Number Of Links

Perhaps this is not known to all marketers that the location of a link can affect the backlink value. Search engines like Google consider the first page the most valuable link, which means it gets more of the benefits of having a backlink. Hence, additionally, the more benefits of having a backlink. But thinks to remember that the more links on a page get added, the lesser value each link will provide. 

So, if a page contains just a single backlink on the top of a page, the marketers will experience more SEO benefits than putting the link at the button of a page with 20 other backlinks. 

2. Link With Relevant Website

Relevancy is crucial for recommendations because relevance adds value to the business. However, unrelated sites do not harm the Website until they are spam websites. But those links do not add any value to the Websites. Therefore, Google considers the relevance of the backlinks while deciding the ranking of a Website.  

3. Quality Of Other Links

The quality of every other backlink can impact the value of a link too. For example, if a website links to a spam site that produces low-quality content, then the linked websites’ ranking will fall. On the other hand, if a Website receives a backlink from a high domain authority website, it becomes a high-quality site in Google’s eye, and the ranking goes upwards. So it is essential to judge the quality of a website from which a marketer receives backlinks. This review will protect the sites from harmful URL relationships. Also, marketers should avoid the link-buying process. 

4. Do-follow vs. No-Follow Backlinks

Do-follow links are the primary backlinks. When the website owners do not fiddle with the HTML adjoining the link, that will always be a do-follow. They actively help in ranking. On the other hand, no-follow links do not pass value(Link-juice) to the other websites. No-follow links connect one site to another, but they do not help the Website’s ranking. Sites that use no-follow links to prevent low-quality or low-domain authority Websites can hurt the link-hosting Website’s rankings. 

5. Anchor Text

Anchor text is the text that is linked to another website or page and often highlighted or underlined. It redirects to the page where a marketer wants the web traffic to gather. Google has made anchor text a ranking factor. Links with anchor text are valuable as they add more value to a Website.

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