A/B Testing is the best way to improve conversion rate optimization on the website. However, conversion rate optimization requires the best practices to define the starting and endpoint of the testing. 

Today, CloudVandana will describe the five critical A/B testing strategies for websites for enhanced conversion rate optimization in this blog. Sometimes, website owners blow time and money on website building, software, workers, and consultants, but they do not get that desired result or conversion rate. So here comes the need for the A/B testing for increased conversion.

Today, in this blog, CloudVandana will describe the five essential A/B testing strategies for a website. 

A/B Testing Strategies

1. Typography

Typography is one of the significant factors that affect conversion. Complex typography can cause disgust in the readers’ minds, and they tend to leave the site without taking the desired action. Easy to read fonts and proper gaps between the paragraph make readers interested in the content or offerings. Font size and font colors are also critical factors. In today’s mobile-first digital world, larger fonts are much appreciated more than the smaller ones, but not always. So web designers should consider the size as per the importance and place of the content. 

2. Call To Action

The call to action or CTA button holds the most critical position on a landing page or website’s homepage. The whole marketing effort depends on this button. If visitors do not take the desired action, the entire effort goes in vain. So CTA button requires a significant amount of experimentation. The position is the first thing to consider while placing the CTA button. It should be placed on the most visible part like the top of the page or top right so that visitors can easily find it and take the actions like ‘buy now,’ ‘call now,’ ‘subscribe,’ etc. The color of the button should be more attractive than the other part of the page s that it can easily attract the attention of the visitors. Developers can even test the CTA button color to experience the best result. 

3. Free Trial Length

The free trial allows interested visitors or prospects to use the limited features of a service or product for a limited period. Changing from a seven days free trial model to a 14-days free trial can increase the number of signups. But marketers need to A/B test this free trial length to know which offer suits the best to increase the conversion. 

4. Length Of The Website Content

The content of the website should be short yet informative. Nowadays, people don’t have much time to go through very long content. So they will leave the page immediately if the content is too long. So marketers should always use short content to attract more visitors.

5. Uses Of Videos And Images

Videos and images can be used on the landing page to attract more visitors or attractively convey a message. Marketers can even A/B these forms of content to check the best result. Even web designers can combine two forms like video and text to enhance the effort. 

Apart from these, marketers should consider A/ B testing the general settings like several columns, background color, etc., to make the conversion rate optimization process more seamless. 

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