Anchor Text is a visible text part in a link that directs a user to a different page. An anchor text lets the reader know what they can expect when clicking on a link. Anchor text collaborates with the search engine and tells the connection between the URL and the link text. 

Today, in this blog, CloudVandana will describe the importance of Anchor text and its impact on SEO

Anchor texts are hyperlinks on a website that users can click to move from one page to another. The text connects two different URLs. These texts help the user to land on other web pages. 

Anchor texts are clickable, active, underlined, and blue. The text helps users understand the relevancy of the linked article. For example, marketers can use the anchor text Search Engine Optimization and relate it to another article that describes SEO in detail. This makes the anchor text look natural, relevant, and easy for search engines. 

Importance Of Anchor Text

Anchors can bridge two different elements of different pages, microsites, websites, etc. Users can be directed to any kind of link with anchor text. Marketers can use anchor text for two key reasons. 

1. Anchor text simplifies the user experience by making navigating the decision-making process more manageable. In addition, the page user experience is fulfilled as users can quickly move from one page to another.

2. Google and other search engines take various inputs from these texts to understand the page’s subject. Therefore, anchor text can help attract and retain the website traffic for business enhancement. 

Let’s have a look at the various types of Anchor Text

Different Anchor Texts

1. Generic Anchor Text

This is the most used type of anchor text that enables users to land users to a different destination. Generally, call-to-action buttons like “Click here,” “Read More,” and “Visit the Link” are some examples of generic anchor texts. 

2. Phrase Match

Phrase match anchor texts refer to the use of various phrases that a user wants to rank among other keywords related to the word. Anchor text includes a targeted keyword for a related phrase creation. 

3. Exact Match Anchor Text

An exact match anchor text contains the primary keywords that directly reflect the Web page that the text is linked to. For example, if the anchor text “ About Us” redirects the users to the about us page, then it is called the exact match text. 

4. Partial Match

It is another variation of the anchor text linked to a web page with texts with the same keyword. 

5. Branded Anchor Texts

This is a practice of outbound marketing where marketers link an anchor text with a brand’s webpage. For example, for the anchor text “ staff augmentation firm,” we can add a link webpage link to CloudVandana, a reputed Staff Augmentation firm. 

These are the five essential anchor texts that marketers can use to increase their brand presence. Of course, many other variations can also be used, like Naked Link, Image anchor link, Long-tail anchor,  related anchor, and random anchor text. 

The Impact Of Anchor Text On SEO

1. Usage Of Proper Anchor Words

Marketers should always link the right anchor texts to help the search engine algorithm find the right and proper context. It increases visibility and allows the brand to rank higher on the search engine results. 

2. Link Should Be Avoided From Low Ranked Sites

Google provides a guideline for link-building. So marketers should follow them to increase their brand value. However, a link from a low-quality or spammy site can affect the website’s reputation, so it is advisable to avoid such links. 

3. Surrounding Texts

Surrounding texts should support the anchor text to provide a clear insight to the readers. Search engines also give importance to the surrounding texts for better optimization. 

4. Image Alt Tags

Alt tags are HTML attributes that provide alternative texts for search engines. These Alt texts inform Google about the image and help readers to understand the image. 

5. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is an effective way to improve search engine optimization relevant to the brand’s niche. 

These are the key impact of anchor texts on SEO; there are various other ways that marketers can adapt and include them into their strategy. 

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