B2B or business to business is a process of selling a product or service manufactured by one organization to another. It is a situation where a business makes a transaction with another organization. 

Today in this blog, CloudVandana will describe the B2B marketing and sales funnel strategy to increase the return on investment.

A B2B marketing funnel helps businesses provide a blueprint of their customers’ engagement with the brand. It defines every stage of the customer journey. As a result, B2B companies invest in the marketing and sales funnel for better optimization. 

Why B2B Marketing And Sales Funnel Is Needed

A marketing funnel simplifies the customer journey and provides the analytical report to the company. A funnel maps out every stage of the customer journey. It tracks a visitor’s progress and converts the visitor into a prospect and a paying customer. There are many other reasons for selecting a marketing funnel. Let’s look at the most important benefits of a B2B marketing funnel-

  • The marketing funnel spots the inefficiencies in the marketing process and helps in better optimization. 
  • The B2B customer journey is complicated, so it requires more attention for a successful conversion process. Therefore, the marketing funnel provides constant attention to the various stages of the customer journey.
  • In today’s competitive world, providing a seamless customer experience is essential. A marketing funnel is one of the vital solutions to offer a personalized experience to the customer. 
  • It creates better communication among the team members.
  • Salesteam can add an automation tool to handle the more significant parts of the whole process. 

The sales team should focus on this factor. Prospects consider many things before moving to the final stage. Marketers should provide adequate information about products or services to accelerate conversion. 

B2B Sales Funnel Is Needed for the same reasons as a marketing funnel to create a seamless customer journey. Marketers need to bring them together for a better decision about the purchase in the prospects’ minds. 

B2B Sales Funnel Stages

B2B Sales Funnel stages can be segmented mainly into six parts. 

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Consideration
  • Intent
  • Decision
  • Purchase

Marketers need to push the visitors through these stages for a successful conversion

How To Manage The Sales Funnel Successfully

The following points will help the sales and marketing team to create this funnel successfully-

1. Set The Target

Marketers need to plan the target and implement the rest procedures as per the objectives. Every customer journey is unique. So the goals might be different for different sales funnels. 

2. Know The Target Audience

Understanding the target audience is an essential part of marketing. Without knowing, marketers can’t achieve the desired result from the campaigns. To provide a personalized experience, marketers need to know the target audience’s pain points first. 

3. Team Organization

B2B marketing has a lot of elements. So a better team organization is very much essential to maximize productivity. The marketing and sales team should work together to make the funnel more effective. 

4. Right Channel

Choosing the right channel to reach the target audience and follow their activity is essential for increased sales and better ROI. 

5. Content Creation

Creating high-quality content is essential to building brand value and securing a higher position in the SERP or search engine result pages. Creating assets like quality content are essential for creating a B2B marketing funnel at each step in the journey. Just setting up the marketing funnel is not enough. Marketers should set up some automation for constant improvement and taking the business to the next level. 

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