A Backlink is a link from another website to the web resource. The web resource is a website, web page, and directory. It plays a vital role in ranking a site. There are many discussions and arguments about the quality and quantity of backlinks. Some marketers say quality should be considered the essential element of backlinks.

Backlinks can come from social media sites and directories, but most of the time, it comes from blog posts and the content of other websites. Marketers always want the links to raise the website through the rankings and generate passive traffic and leads. Let’s have a look at the functionalities of both segments to consider. 

Quality Backlinks

Quality links generally come from a high-domain trusted website. Search engines usually trust these websites. It is believed that the more trustworthy the website and the higher the domain authority, the better quality of the link will be. Generally, the ranking between 60 to 100 is excellent, and below 40 is considered low. Therefore, to build high-quality links, marketers should start by building links from high-domain authority websites that are relevant to the business and trusted by searches all over the internet. 

High-quality links are beneficial to domain authority and SEO rankings. Through this linking, marketers do not need to worry about hurting the website ranking by building a relationship with a spam website. Quality links are beneficial, so these will generate passive traffic over time. So they help actively in SEO. 

Drawbacks Of High-Quality links

Though the upside to quality links is valuable for search engine optimization, the downside can affect SEO. The main problem with high-quality links is that it is difficult to get, and the process is time-consuming. So, focussing on quality instead of quantity can generate a very low amount of high-commitment traffic. As a result, marketers will have fewer high-quality links on these high-authority websites. Many businesses consider these links to be very time-consuming and complex. 

How To Achieve High-Quality links

As per experts, one of the great ways to generate high-quality backlinks is to create an attractive infographic with relevant and proper information. Marketers can focus on the essential part of the business to get the highest revenue. 

After the creation, another critical task is to publish those infographics through the proper channels. Marketers can use those infographics with the blog content or any other content on the website to attract more audiences and businesses for link-sharing. Marketers can also reach out to other companies with the same niche to offer them unique infographics to share with their audiences. When they share those content, the sender company will receive a backlink from their website.

Guest Blogging is also a great way to get high-quality backlinks. Content marketing is also very effective in getting high-quality links. This strategy works wonders to generate organic traffic. Contents with at least one image tend to rank better than content with no attached image.

Quantity Backlinks

We all know backlinks and their importance in SEO and some link-building strategies. Now we will discuss the meaning of quantity links. 

Quantity links mean generating lots of links from other high-quality websites. But there is no use in getting a lot of links from spammy websites. This may lead to a decreased reputation of the website. On the other hand, people are concerned about the quantity of the links, so they tend to insert many links to the content. As a result, they generate a considerable amount of low-commitment traffic. This is because the links are not high-quality, so they cannot generate high-quality traffic. As a result, the whole link-building effort becomes unsuccessful. 

Quantity links Are Sometimes Beneficial

Let’s look at a few reasons that prove that building many links without considering too much the quality is beneficial. First, users can quickly and easily create links to the website as it is a fast process. Most of these links will help to rank higher. Most of the time, these links support the marketers to rank faster instead of focusing on quality. 

The Drawbacks Of Quantity links

To earn more links, marketers can sometimes generate backlinks from spammy websites, which can hurt the SEO and can create a negative impression on the search engines. In addition, inserting too much of links on a page can decrease the value of the other links. So marketers should be well aware while inserting the quantity backlinks. 

How To Achieve High-Quantity Backlinks

To get quantity backlinks, marketers can focus on the testimonials to external websites. Marketers should consider inserting a link back to their website. This is a great technique to build links without too much effort. 

Many marketers say that focussing on quantity is nothing more than wasting time on link-building strategy.  According to them, the quality of the backlinks is the only thing to consider. But in reality, both factors are equally essential to implementing a successful link-building strategy. 

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