Staff Augmentation helps you to choose the suitable candidates that fit the requirements. It is an outsourcing strategy to hire talented and skilled technical sources externally to overcome the lack of talents in an organization. In addition, the provider allows you to get specifically skilled candidates for your development team requirements on a long-term or short-term basis.

Best practices to improve Cooperation in Staff Augmentation model.

As the outsourcing model, staff augmentation is becoming most popular among IT industries. Therefore, it will be a best practice if we follow some guidelines for utilizing maximum benefits from this model.

  • Before hiring a developer for the team, there are some things we have to take care of. Communication skills, as well as technical knowledge, is an essential thing that should be taken into consideration while hiring.
  • Every organization will have some kind of work culture they follow. While hiring, it should be taken into consideration to select those who can work with such a work culture. The success of any project depends on communication between the local team and consulting firm.
  • A dedicated person should be assigned to contact the core business team by the management of the staff augmentation.
  • When using the Staff Augmentation model, you must have the demand to add new team members to existing teams. Staff augmentation does not mean that you can outsource entire projects. You must give space for the development process in the right direction, support, and flow.
  • If the project is growing and there is a need for vendor services, we should contact the outsourcing team as soon as possible. This will allow the recruiter from the vendor side to provide you with services at the right time.
  • When we take help from an external provider, we will have to deal with all new developers who might need a proper knowledge transfer within the projects.
  • It is essential to have a proper knowledge transfer when new hiring is done within the projects. Since we take help from the external providers for the developers, mostly they will be unique, so there should be proper knowledge about the new working environment. So creating support documentation and gathering more information on different phases of the projects can help with onboarding new employees.
  • If you hire more than one developer for your company, having a DevOps team in the same office will be good. This can increase the security and productivity when your employee is taking care of deployments etc.

There are many benefits to the staff augmentation model. The most effective way to deal with resource shortage is a short project that needs fast productivity and results with minimal cost.

Besides the benefits of this model, when it comes to long-term projects, there are some drawbacks.

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