Salesforce’s main technical conference is called Dreamforce which takes place in San Francisco every year. Before the pandemic, Dreamforce used to draw 170,000+ attendees and used to take place for multiple days. Dreamforce is recognized as one of the largest technical conferences in the world. Dreamforce is an atypical conference, not like the other traditional corporate IT conferences. The Salesforce professional or the ‘Trailblazers’ enjoy 2700+ sessions, networking, and many other entertainments at this event. It is a pageant of the latest Salesforce innovations that never fails to disappoint. 

Dreamforce 2021

Salesforce Dreamforce is going to take place on September 21-23, 2021. Few attendees are allowed at the event this year as per covid guidelines, rest attendees will be joining virtually. 

Dreamforce 2020 was held virtually due to Covid -19 restrictions,  for the first time in the history of 17 years of this event. The virtual event opened up a golden opportunity for the millions of Salesforce professionals who find it hard to attend reaching the venue. 

Dreamforce San Francisco key facts:

  • Location: “an intimate, outdoor campus” in downtown San Francisco, with many of the all-time favorite Dreamforce Campus locations (eg. the Moscone Center, Yerba Buena Terrace, Howard Str., and the St. Regis hotel).
  • Sponsors can purchase sponsorship packages that grant a physical booth in a ‘high traffic area’ (ie. partner expo).

How to attend the event : 

This year, getting a conference pass will work differently as in-person Dreamforce is going to be an invite-only event.

  • Invite-only attendees at the “Dreamforce San Francisco”.
  • 60,000 viewers are expected to attend online.

Rules for virtual joining :

Salesforce officially announced Salesforce+ on the 10th of August that centralizes Salesforce’s live experiences, as well as original series, podcasts, and another programming. Salesforce+ platform will be used for the first time to host all the virtual attendees.

Read the blog by CloudVandana on Salesforce+.

Registration for Dreamforce 2021 : 

Virtual registration is open for Dreamforce. Interested Salesforce Professionals can register through this link

Agenda of Dreamforce 2021:

The sessions will be divided into two main categories, Roles, and Industries.

  • Roles- Sales, Admin, Architect, Marketers, Commerce.
  • Industries – It is following Salesforce’s big industry Cloud focus and subsequent acquisition spree for specialists. Cloud360 and Industries will have a dedicated channel.

Dreamforce session will be broadcast across 3 Salesforce+ channels, a combination of live, pre-recorded/scheduled, and pre-recorded/on-demand. The proposed agenda is impressive, running all-around-the-clock that will take advantage of the overlap in the 4 onsite time zones (continental Europe, the UK, East Coast, and Pacific) and catering to others (eg. APAC).

Dreamforce Covid Policies:

Salesforce has taken a safety-first approach for this pandemic-affected year. Salesforce has partnered with Pandefence, to maintain the regional COVID protocols and proof of covid-vaccine for US attendees. 

Dreamforce Accommodations:

Hotels become high in demand during the Dreamforce conference. So attendees need to pre-book a hotel in preferably San Francisco downtown. For those uncertain trailblazers, free cancellation hotels are a great option. 

We’re thrilled to bring Dreamforce back as an in-person experience, and we can’t wait to bring all our Trailblazers together for a completely new brand experience. Whether you join us in person or online, it will be the most innovative and immersive Dreamforce ever — another example of how, in this new all-digital world, we can achieve success from anywhere.

– Sarah Franklin, President, and Chief Marketing Officer, Salesforce

So Dreamforce 2021 is going to be very exciting. We will update the latest information about Dreamforce 2021 as it unfolds. So stay tuned with CloudVandana.

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