Salesforce experience cloud is a digital platform built on Salesforce that helps companies to build content in one place and deliver it on any websites, portals, mobile apps, and storefronts. 

Salesforce experience cloud can develop next-generation intense digital experiences to interact with the people who are essential to the organization. The platform also improves sales, offers world-class service, and manages your content. 

Today, CloudVandana will discuss the key benefits of this Salesforce platform. 

Salesforce Experience Cloud

Salesforce Experience Cloud was formerly known as Salesforce community cloud, a DXP platform with an integrated set of technologies that allows users to create and manage community experience easily and fast. The experience cloud ensures advanced security features and seamless system performance.

With this platform, users can create multiple websites to meet their business needs and goals.

The partner portal connects the sales team improving the partner relationships and ensuring effective collaboration and channel management. Marketing sites can build customer connections, keeping them engaged with the organization.

This cloud technology provides strong community engagement and ensures better interaction with customers, experts, and partners. Organizations can create help centers to deliver exceptional customer service and support by providing customers a place to get answers to all their questions. 

It is an effective promotional tool that generates leads for a new product launch or an upcoming event.

Before discussing the benefits, let’s look at the key features first.

Key Features Of Salesforce Experience Cloud

1. Customer 360 

With the help of Salesforce Customer 360, users can create a single view of customer data on the integrated CRM platform for various departments of an organization. It helps to deliver a personalized experience to build a long-term relationship with the customers. 

2. AppExchange 

Users can find, download, and install various apps to enhance customer experience. In addition, with the help of knowledge management applications, organizations can build and manage the knowledge base effectively. 

3. Mobile Usability

Experience Cloud is very much optimized for any device, including mobile phones. This feature increases customer satisfaction and increases customer retention. 

4.  Low Coding Interface

Developers can create beautiful and engaging digital experiences with Experience Cloud that don’t require high-coding ability. 

5. Salesforce Native Solution

Salesforce Experience Cloud provides advanced security and strong protection against unauthorized access. All the data processing happens within Salesforce instead of any third-party servers. 

6. Analytics And Tracking

Users can get and sort all the data to create reports and dashboards to track and analyze the business progress. 

There are various other features of this platform; we have only discussed the key features of this platform.

This platform can help users in various aspects like increasing sales, delivering exceptional customer service, promoting products or services, etc., for better customer engagement. As the platform is highly configurable, users can easily adjust the websites to meet their needs. 

Let’s discuss the endless advantages of this platform in detail.

Benefits Of Salesforce Experience Cloud

1. Wide Range Of Offerings

This cloud platform provides a wide range of offerings to users. They can create, customize, and maintain various communities specially customized for a different audience and their needs. 

2. Third-Party Integrations

Organizations can increase their Salesforce community functionality with different third-party components and applications available on AppExchange. Users can use powerful advanced communities to increase productivity, streamline community management, etc. 

3. Flexibility And Customization

The Experience Cloud communities development has become easier, streamlined, and faster. So users can create a productive site using layouts and templates, themes, and custom components. 

4. Effective Content Management

With the help of Experience Cloud CMS, users do not have to duplicate the content to deliver it to all the sites. They can reuse the content those are already created by setting up connections to bring content from the external CMS into the particular site. Organizations can select the option based on their business type. 

5. Cloud-Platform Security

Salesforce is the most secure platform when it comes to cloud platform security. Users or organizations can be assured of a high level of security and strong protection of the data against unauthorized access. 


From the above discussion, we can say that Experience Cloud accelerates the implementation process, customer engagement, business management, etc., in reduced time. 

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