Salesforce Experience Cloud is the renamed version of Salesforce Community Cloud. It was a long-awaited announcement from Salesforce. It is Salesforce’s digital experience platform based on customer360. The digital cloud platform can support a customer’s complete digital experience. Community Cloud had few limitations to singular portals and websites. With the help of Experience Cloud, businesses can quickly build websites, portals, mobile apps, and many more to engage with clients. Organizations can digitize the business processes to boost the customer experience in today’s online-first world.

Experience Cloud customers can avail themselves of the facility of fast, connected experience to data, and everything together across a seamless customer journey.

Completely Integrated Digital Experience

Salesforce Experience Cloud, which was formerly known as Community Cloud, is a digital experience platform, helps organizations to build a connected digital experience for their customers, employees, and customers on a large scale. Experience Cloud has features like Salesforce CRM, CMS, and Experience Builder along with prepackaged apps, companies can quickly create and deliver personalized content, websites, portals, mobile apps, etc with just a click or code. Here CloudVandana is discussing 3 main functions of Experience Cloud.

1. Experience

Salesforce Experience Cloud helps in creating online community experiences that help to enhance any business and boost customer experience. Salesforce led the acceleration to this enlarged view of connected experience that can be provided to customers. 

2. Business Value

Salesforce Experience Cloud is a data-powered digital experience that helps in collaboration and automation in business value. 

3. Role Of Tech Expert

Salesforce is accepting the business value that can be unlocked through both development and customization. Salesforce is supporting the platform expertise, development, and configuration to create tailored solutions across a full range of digital experiences.

Salesforce Experience Cloud comes with many customizations. We are discussing 3 main customizations.

Customer Service Portal This feature gives the clients access to the FAQ and articles so they can find solutions on their own. This platform also allows the customers to share their reviews with other customers.

Partner Portal In this platform, partners can share leads, contacts, and records to drive sales and simplify the marketing process.

Employees Portal  Teams of an organization can be grouped according to the projects or events. They can have access to records, objects, and fields so that they can work more in an organized way.

Salesforce Experience Cloud is highly flexible for any business demand. Salesforce made this change to move into the future. Community Cloud offered the customers a chance to deliver Salesforce-powered interactions to the users. Experience Cloud is built on that foundation adding more features like CMS, Mobile Publisher, and many more to power the entire user journey. 

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