Salesforce has planned to acquire Brazilian marketplace solution Atonit, adding marketplace capabilities to its e-commerce platform. They will share more details regarding this announcement before April 30, 2022. 

As per the statement given by this leading CRM platform, will offer a marketplace solution built on this platform connected natively to Commerce Cloud and other Clouds. 

Overview Of The Salesforce Atonit Acquisition

Built on the leading CRM platform, Atonit offers a marketplace management solution to enable brands to develop and scale an online marketplace and provide infrastructure to facilitate transactions. Additionally, customers will be empowered to grow revenue by garnering commissions and membership subscriptions from vendors expanding shopping cart sizes, earning commissions, and increasing product categories. 

In a recent discussion about shifting trends in U.S. holiday sales, senior manager, customer strategy, and insights, Salesforce Calia Schwartz stated the evolving digital model that the retailers should adopt for enhancement. He also added that digital platforms had changed the shopping habits of consumers. Now customers are more interested in online shopping than visiting the stores physically. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased this tendency rapidly. Though the growth of online purchases is average, people are still adopting this new technology. Customers are now opting for purchasing any time of the day with a seamless purchase experience. For brands, it is now easier to lose customer loyalty as the online platform provides various options to the customers. So an online marketplace is a very important platform for both consumers and brands.  This leading CRM would be providing a marketplace solution based on this platform and connected natively to Commerce Cloud and other Clouds as a result of this acquisition. 

In a blog post, Atonit stated that its mission was to create a marketplace solution that is easy and scalable. So they chose to build the solution on this platform. Additionally, it is very encouraging for them to be the first company headquartered in Brazil to be acquired by Salesforce.

After the acquisition closes by the end of April 2022, the companies will share more information about the product roadmap and the acquisition details.

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