Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a cloud-based commerce platform with various tools and features to enhance online businesses. Formerly, it was known as Demandware. The main aim is to enable consumers and stores to provide flawless customer service and experience, whether customers are online or in stores. Salesforce Commerce Cloud is used by many global retail brands. 

It is a highly scalable, cloud-based software. It provides the best features and functionality to build a highly optimized eCommerce experience. The primary segmentation of the platform is that by offering eCommerce as a SaaS solution, it relaxes the businesses from the demands of managing a technical roadmap.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud For Businesses

Salesforce Commerce Cloud provides best-in-class B2C functionality within an integrated solution. The solution is a highly captivating option for business brands and B2C retailers. The essential work of solutions is to enhance the best work or services of any organization or business. 

Top Features Of Salesforce Commerce Cloud

The platform has a wide range of market-leading features. So, among many features, CloudVandana only highlights the top features of Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

1. Auto Upgradation

As the platform is SaaS, Salesforce rolls out many new features in the background. These features are available through the administration panel, with almost no technical support from the user’s end.

2. Scalability

Salesforce Commerce Cloud can manage the huge demand and traffic spikes without user planning. If there is a sudden demand increment, the platform scales silently in the background without support.

3. Full Range Cloud Services

This Cloud technology has a full range of related CRM and marketing SaaS services that can be integrated into the solution set.

4. Product Roadmap

Salesforce defines a product roadmap. As Salesforce Commerce Cloud has a mesmeric proposition, chances are higher that it will adopt the Commerce Cloud roadmap provided by Salesforce. So users can focus on using the solution’s features and functions to drive sales and growth for the site. 

5. Mobile Optimization

In today’s digital world, the mobile device is the primary device for accessing the internet. So, most e-commerce orders are placed through mobile devices. So, a mobile-optimized eCommerce store is very important to attract customers and provide them with a seamless shopping experience. Salesforce Commerce Cloud is focused on cutting-edge technologies and takes a mobile-optimized approach. Salesforce Commerce Cloud also provides a few tools to streamline the customer experience.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Latest Updates

Instagram is now integrated with Commerce Cloud. This helps retailers create business posts on Instagram directly on the commerce cloud, where they already control their eCommerce sites. With the help of the commerce cloud, Instagram contents get automatically updated when new catalogs are created, or old products are replaced by a list of new products. Salesforce also expands its Einstein AI layer to Instagram through the Marketing cloud. Einstein Vision can automatically tag social posts in the brand’s or public Instagram feeds. There’s also a new connector between Commerce Cloud and the company’s Marketing Cloud for triggered emails. This tool helps retailers to create personalized messages for their customers.

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