Salesforce Lightning is considered the next generation of the CRM platform and user experience. Salesforce Lightning is a framework based on the elements in order to develop applications on the Salesforce CRM. Salesforce has equipped a broad audience, the Lightning framework can be considered as a tool to design the application without proper development knowledge. 

The prior version, Salesforce Classic, was invented to fulfill the same requirements. However, Salesforce released this new version of Salesforce Lightning to resolved the issues faced in the earlier version and provide a seamless experience to the users. In this blog, CloudVandana is focusing on the key benefits of Salesforce Lightning

1. Automation

With the latest features of Salesforce lightning, the sales team can automate the sales process which leads to an increased conversion rate. Converting leads into sales is a long process, the sales team needs to follow up with the prospects, create different quotes for different clients, and many more. So they become unable to concentrate fully on sales. The feature’Sales Path’ will automatically design the sales pipeline. This will help the user to access quickly and efficiently convincing the leads and winning their trust. 

2. App Development

Designing and developing applications was never been so easy. As the platform is component-based, users can simply integrate the components already built by the Salesforce partners and use them in the application. The process helps in building high-quality applications without investing extra time. 

3. Third-Party Integration

Salesforce lightning is composed of various components and is available on the Salesforce AppExchange platform, so it is capable to fulfill all the requirements. But Salesforce understands the requirements are ever-changing. So the platform allows the user to integrate third-party components effortlessly. As a result, users never face any difficulties for the business needs. 

4. Einstein AI Integration

Artificial intelligence Einstein has come up with all-new features in Salesforce Lightning. Einstein Opportunity Insights and Einstein Forecasting are the new upgraded features in the Lightning version. In addition, Einstein Accounts Insights is another on the list. Through these features, the users can track the customer’s behavioral journey and can personalize the offerings accordingly. 

5. Privacy

Privacy is a very important concern for cloud-based CRM solutions. Salesforce understands this concern. So with new updates in lightning, CRM  has focused on privacy a lot. The new features reduce the possibilities of malicious activities while providing a clean interface for the users. The ‘Locker Service’ is one of the best Salesforce Lightning Business Benefits.

So we can say that Salesforce Lightning is the latest invention for Salesforce org’s interface. The sleek, intuitive, and customized design will help the users to work with greater efficiency. 

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