Salesforce Pardot is a SaaS marketing automation platform by Salesforce that offers email automation, targeted email campaigns, and lead management for B2B sales and marketing organizations. Marketing automation can automate various marketing tasks, including tracking customer activities, creating digital marketing campaigns, etc. It is a powerful B2B marketing automation tool that seamlessly works with the world’s leading CRM brand Salesforce. 

Today, in this blog, CloudVandana will discuss Pardot, the strong marketing automation tool, and why organizations should consider using this platform to enhance their organizations. 

Salesforce Pardot

With Pardot, Organizations can easily generate high-quality leads, discover the most engaged leads, create various automated email campaigns for better engagement and align Sales and marketing. In addition, the platform can exploit the power of AI to transform marketing and sales efforts. So organizations should consider using this platform to automate every organizational process. Let’s dive into the details-

Lead Generation

Landing pages help to collect new names for the database of people who visit the page and show interest in the specific brand or service. This marketing platform enables marketers to create responsive and engaging landing pages with forms to capture visitor data immediately. The platform allows users to use existing forms on the website and pull data from them directly into Pardot or create a new Form. 

Email Marketing

The email marketing tool provided by this platform helps to build emails quickly with the easy-to-use visual editor. The email marketing tool helps to build email quickly, and the Engagement Studio helps to send great emails with the right message at the right time. 

In addition, marketers can personalize their emails and customize the form address and signature to fit with a specific person in the organization based on the prospect criteria. Advanced email reporting can show how prospects are engaging with the emails at every stage of the campaign. This platform can help users by providing personalized and beautiful email templates for the sales team. 

Lead Management

The platform allows the users to nurture the leads for a better success rate. The tools can guide the sales team by discovering the unique needs of the leads. Through Engagement Studio, marketers can automatically send emails based on downloads, time gaps, actions taken on a landing page, and other parameters. 

Alignment Of Sales And Marketing

This platform can seamlessly connect the leading CRM and aligns the Sales and marketing team effectively. The team can track if someone has received an email, opened it, or clicked on the call-to-action button or not. These data help to have a better, more personalized engagement with the prospect. With the complete Pardot-Salesforce integration, the marketing team can measure and track campaign performance and draw insight based on the data. 

Artificial Intelligence

Einstein is Salesforce’s AI technology. Organizations can use it to check the data from Pardot and Salesforce and use it for sales and marketing teams. Einstein can automatically show the most engaging prospect in the form of scores and insights. Predictive lead scoring provides a seamless, faster, and more accurate solution than traditional approaches. 

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