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Business outsourcing is the most demanding service nowadays. Most companies now prefer to outsource the work to India due to the high availability of talents and cost-effectiveness. Companies can hire a renowned software development company like CloudVandana for a successful development process.


Lower costs


Increased efficiency




On-time deployment

Why Businesses Choose CloudVandana

 Hiring the right team of developers is now just a fingertip away. 

CloudVandana’s vast pool of remote developers makes it easy to fulfill your requirements by making the development process faster. Simply interview the trained developers and start your project with your extended team in 24-48 hours. 

Benefits of Hiring Remote Developers


Immediate Outsourcing Process

Companies can start hiring the best-suited team within 48 hours of sharing your requirement with CloudVandana. They don’t need to worry about the screening process. Just interview and hire the best profile for your project development.



CloudVandna can help you to save recurring costs associated with in-house developers. Due to its scalability,  our outsourcing model offers cost-effectiveness compared to the local talents without compromising the quality and productivity of the services.


Large Talent Pool

The immense talent pool is another important factor in choosing outsourced developers. There are many talented developers who can be potential employees or additional teams offshore. So organizations do not need to face any challenges regarding employee shortage.


Quality Development

Software development companies like CloudVandana can ensure quality development work to boost their software development structure. This is because outsourced developers are highly qualified, creative thinkers, and dedicated to their work. So companies do not need to worry about their project development work quality.


Security and Compliance

CloudVandana always follows worldwide data security and compliance standards to keep your data safe and secure. So organizations can be assured that their sensitive data are in safe hands.


Communication And Control

CloudVandana can provide 24/7 technical support, and developers are flexible to work in the preferred timezone of the recruiting company despite being in another time zone. So companies do not need to worry about the availability of the developers if they are working with us.


No Obligation Interview

If you are not satisfied with the candidate with whom you conducted the interview, we will suggest other profiles.


Seamless Remote Onboarding

CloudVandana takes all the responsibilities for onboarding. So organizations can start working with the extended team immediately and seamlessly.


Easy Cancellation And Replacement

Organizations can cancel the contract after the deployment. If they feel that, the hired talent doesn’t fit in, we can offer an immediate replacement. 

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Remote onboarding and Assistance

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