Every Salesforce user wants to use the platform in a productive way. Companies invest in CRM Solutions to execute all the tasks more effectively so that employees can pay attention to the significant tasks. But sometimes users really don’t see this benefit due to lack of training and user adoption. Salesforce has several amazing features which users can use wisely. In this article, CloudVandana will highlight such 3 important Salesforce hacks.

1. Creation Of List Views

The list views are Salesforce’s method of managing various sets of data within Objects. Users can slice and dice the data whichever way the user desire in order to adequately manage records. Users can manage the leads by using 3 list views. Then marketers can number them in the order to use them in a consecutive way. It is better than managing the list view with enormous data. 

2. Chatter For Collaboration

Chatter is a social collaboration tool that enables the business, customers, and partners to all collaborate. The most instant way to use Chatter is on records in Salesforce. Chatter is available on every record in the Salesforce Org. This function is available on both classic and lightning. Users can upload files, images, and write comments. Collaboration on records becomes more comfortable with chatter and it stays on the record forever. 

3. Task, Activities, And Emails

If the users are not using tasks, activities, and emails, then they are missing out on many important functions of a CRM system. The mentioned three things(Tasks, Activities, and Emails) do demand to insert additional data into Salesforce, which some may refer to as Admin. 

Activities – Activities allow the users to log interactions that have occurred with the customer, record important meeting notes, or brief the points about the interaction with clients. 

Tasks- Task enables the user to create an action to follow up with. Users can set a date, reminder, and a concise description. In addition, users can set tasks for others too. 

Emails –  Emails allow the users to send emails out to clients directly from Salesforce. Users can take the facility of time-saving features such as Email Templates. 

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