In Pardot, every automation rule counts towards the overall limits of your Pardot Edition. Here are the Automation Rules limitation as per your Pardot Edition.

Automation Price

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As a marketing expert, you should save your automation rule while you can do things by using other tools like Pardot Forms.

Here you can find some useful tips to save automation when creating Pardot forms.

1.Scenario, if the prospect chooses the value when filling-up the form and selects the product for interest fields, then the prospect will be automatically added to a separate list.

Solutions: Pardot forms give you the functionality to add prospects into the list as per the value selected. You just need to click the + button in front of the value and select your existing list into the dropdown menu.

2. Scenario, as per the Prospect Job Description field value you want to assign a profile to the prospects when they fill out the form?

Solutions:  by using Pardot forms you can do this too without using the Automation Rule. You just need to click the middle icon in front of the value and choose a profile from the dropdown as per the prospect job description value.

Profile Assignment

3. Scenario, you need a different Label that will display in your forms, and the value saved to the prospect record is different.

Solutions: using Pardot forms you can do this, you just need to click the ‘A’ icon and add the value you want to store with the prospect records.

value Replace

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