Salesforce Marketing Cloud has a very smart and important feature called Einstein feature, which provides “insights and data” and “content and timings” for the marketing activities. Using this artificial intelligence feature we can understand the engagement and behavior of the market. Einstein features are available in the corporate and Enterprise editions. The Einstein features provided by Salesforce Marketing cloud are 

  • Einstein Engagement Scoring
  • Einstein Messeging Insights
  • Einstein Send Time Optimization
  • Einstein Copy Insights
  • Einstein Engagement Frequency
  • Einstein Content Selection
  • Einstein Email Recommendations
  • Einstein Web Recommendations
  • Einstein Content Tagging

Let us discuss the top four Einstein features which will improve your marketing ROI.

Einstein Engagement Scoring

Einstein Engagement Scoring feature helps to target the customer to increase engagement and communications. This feature assigns scores for the subscribes’ interest to continue as subscribed, open, clicked, and convert on a website. This helps to know the predictive factors which influence the actions of the customers upon the email received. Einstein Engagement Scoring has the capability to target the subscriber through an E-mail studio, Journey builder, Advertising studio, or Audience builder.

In addition to assigning scores Einstein groups the customers into four personas

Loyalists: Subscribers with very high engagement, click, open chance. In these personas, there will be subscribers who engage often.

Selective Subscribers: Subscribers with a very low open chance but they might click  

Window Shoppers:  Subscribers who open regularly but very rarely clicked.

Dormant/Winback: Subscribers who are very unlikely to engage come under this persona.

Einstein Messeging Insights

Using the feature of messaging insights alerts on the email or the journey send performance. This feature monitors the send metrics like open, click, or unsubscribed. Using this feature the hidden insights are available without comparing the metrics with previous campaigns in the traditional way.

Einstein Send Time Optimization

This feature in Salesforce Marketing Cloud Einstein helps you to send an email when a subscriber might likely open it. With the help of this feature analytics that predicts future message engagement can be displayed. Also visualizes the optimal predicted send time in day or hour. Einstein Send Time Optimization (STO) uses machine learning to understand the best time to send a message so that the change of opening the message is more.

Einstein Copy Insights

Einstein Copy Insights get the insights from the Subject lines of the messages to send. This feature evaluates the best subject lines based on the maximum open rate. This helps to understand the most effective phrases or words that can be used to increase engagement. Einstein Copy Insights analyze English language subject line only.

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